Protected Status Review

"Sowing Seeds"


'Sowing Seeds!' is our campaign to legally protect our rarest species like the Pearl Bordered Fritillary

It is a urgent call for a review of Protected Status of all species; which is long overdue

'Sowing Seeds' is an germinating idea on how all the various interest groups, individuals and our public reprentatives can work together to bring this about

We have started with an open letter to all those of influence see below:

Dear Sir/ Madam

Yorkshire branch of Butterfly Conservation would like to bring to your attention how very little protection many of our flora and fauna species actually have.

For example nearly half of our Butterfly species are under significant threat or suffered severe decline in the last 20 years. There has been a 76% loss of abundance since 1976 and a good many species have become regionally extinct.

Although a review of their legal protected status was supposed to happen every 5 years there has not been a thorough review for more than 20 years. Currently 6 Butterfly species and their habitats have fully protected status while another 19 are only protected from being collected for sale. Now many more species are close to critically endangered.

Conservation bodies mostly through thousands of hours of volunteer effort have been successful in slowing the decline of some of the most endangered species in their last remaining pockets but without legal protection they remain extremely vulnerable when on privately owned sites. They can be destroyed on a whim as can their habitats.

Successful species protection often relies entirely on maintaining a relationship with the current owners, when nature is actually owned by all of us

If we are going to be serious about nature’s recovery these ‘Noah’s Arcs’ will be fundamental, conservation is pointless without them.

In this nation that created nature conservation and still lead in so many ways; we live in the one of the most nature depleted places on the planet. We know what needs to be done, we have the resources of a nation of passionate volunteers to make it happen but still we fail.

For example in Yorkshire the Pearl Bordered Fritillary Butterfly is down to 2 sites and at one of these the owner intends to have a national motocross rally across the site in the coming months but we are powerless.

If land management is going to be revolutionised by this new government with the priority of protecting the environment as they promise in the Agriculture Bill, then they need to stop the accidental and mindless destruction first. Land ownership should bring responsibility, not a licence to wreck the environment for future generations.

The first building block in this re-construction must be to protect these ‘Noah’s Arc’s’ wherever they exist.

Then we need to heed David Attenborough’s clarion call to legally protect a Nature Recovery Network within the new Environment Act.

The 25 year plan brings responsibility to us all to deliver a natural world at least as abundant and diverse as today.

It’s not a matter of finance or endeavour

It is not lack of commitment or manpower

It’s not a matter of scientific evidence or proof

Its about leadership from our legislature.....

Please voice your support, we can all help in pushing this up the public agenda.

If you would like to contribute ideas or avenues to raise this vital issue and bring it to public attention please contact Allan Rodda

We have had a positive reply Scarborough MP hopefully this is the first seed to germinate (see below) because we need many more

NB More will follow as we come out of the current national emergency

RG letter001.pdf

Other examples:

HS2 is creating a wave of destruction through Berks Bucks and Oxon even under lockdown. The high-speed line requires the removal of the eastern edge of Calvert Jubilee reserve, including orchid-rich grassland and scrub which until recently contained Buckinghamshire's last remaining populations of European Turtle Dove and Common Nightingale, as well as all five British species of hairstreak butterfly. Butterfly Conservation volunteers have been invloved in trying to pickup hairstreak egss from destroyed blackthorn and move them to safety.