Fairburn Ings RSPB

Including Fairburn Ings , Main Heath ,

Lindyke Link, Riverbank Trail


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Shaped by a long history of coal mining, Fairburn Ings protects a mixture of habitats. Wetland areas created by subsidence include open water, wet grassland, reedbed and wet woodland. While other habitats, including dry grassland, deciduous woodland and lagoons, have been restored on the former coal spoil tips.

Main Bay Heath

Recorders: Rachel Tulloch Distance: 1400m Walk time: 1 hour

This is a grassalnd area under restoration over magnesian limestone . There are laos areas od scrub.


S1 Grassalnd has good numbers of meadow brown and common blue. S2 has little. S3 is good fro Ringlet and gatekeeper S4+ S5 is very good for Common blue and S5-S6 are best for Large and Small Skippers S8-10 are generally poorer for species until thinks improve in S11

Results: 2021

Lindyke Link

Recorders: Rachel Tulloch Distance: 3250 Walk time: 1.5 hours

From the west car park the route follows the north side riverbank of the river Aire


S1 is a mix of graasland and woodland with speckled wood most numerous along with Orange Tip. S2-3 grassalnds are favourite of gatekeeper. S4 finds Dingy Skipper. patterns are similar to S9 which has more Common Blue and good numbers of Small Skippers , Gatekeeper and Ringlet and most count sof these are higher in S10

Riverbank Trail

Recorders: Rachael Tullock Distance: 3000m Walk time: 1.5 hour

From south of Fairburn village the route follows theeast side of Main bay down to teh river aire and then follows teh riverbank Westwards back to the heath and teh visitor centre.


S1 is quiet good for grassalnd species but with floral inteeest for Smal Torstoiseshells S2-S10 is somewhat treelined and favours Speckled Woods. In S11 back on teh heath good grassalnd with teh best section of teh route particularly Meadow Brown and Small Skipper but also gatekeeper.