Introducing the

New Sighting service

Our Sightings page has always been by far our most popular webpage . We all love to share our pictures and know what others have seen and where. Your appetite has also given rise to very active Facebook communities. We have always relied on you to turn this valuable information into records submitted to our county recorders, and we know this frequently doesnt happen because it a chore. Recorded data goes into our much admired annual report and the national database. The new system is a solution designed to be a one stop shop. It makes it very easy to enter data and share your pictures, generate a record plus, if you wish, post to social media. It just takes a few clicks on any device. Once you enter your town it moves the cursor over the map automatically to allow you to choose your exact location. The rest it remembers or you select via drop downs and your data instantly appears in real time... no waiting for someone! Plus it gives you lots more, presenting data in diferent friendly informative ways. You can for example see all the records in your area by quickly defining a circle. You can look at an individual species occurance in the last month or year as a table or as a map. The system automatically generates real time phenograms allowing you to see where about each species is in its flight period. You can look what is happening at sites, grid references, or vice counties. It includes moths, targetting the day-flyers and life stages if you happen over caterpillars, eggs etc

Lastly we encourage you to use it. It is much less of a chore, and, to tempt you facebook users, the system automatically posts any sighting with a picture to social media if you select that option. Your entry will still be checked by our county recorders before joining our official records. Below are some examples of its output

We are very grateful for Cumbria branch for creating this system and adapting it to Yorkshire