Wolds Way Lavender

Earlier this year the Yorkshire Branch were asked if we could assist Wolds Way Lavender and Nature Farm near Malton to identify and help them attract butterflies and moths to their farm.

They bought the farm in 2002 when it was a derelict piggery, with rundown buildings and lots of buried rubbish, was had the vision to turn it into a lavender farm. Although the soil was very poor and sandy they knew it was ideal for the plant.

The farm is a small family concern and they are passionate about the Wolds and they have a real desire to encourage nature on their site. As well as the lavender beds they have replanted thousands of trees, installed wildlife ponds, beehives, a wildflower meadow, a butterfly garden and willow maze.

They are keen to encourage their visitors to enjoy the gardens and to connect with the wildlife; butterflies, birds, bees and bugs. They are enthusiastic that their visitors to understand the ecology of the site and to become more aware of what is around them.

Despite the restrictions imposed by the Covid 19 this year they have actively promoted the Big Butterfly Count and have been delighted with the number of visitors who took part.

Next year as well as assisting with the Big Butterfly Count we will be helping them encourage butterflies and moths. We intend be on site on certain days to help visitors identify what they see and help with suggestions about how they can encourage butterflies and moths into their own gardens and community areas.

A 10% discount on the entry fee is available to members by using the following code online #YBC.

Please bring your Butterfly Conservation membership card with you to book in on arrival.

Open from March 29th until 26th September seven days a week

If anyone is interested in helping at future events please contact Ann Davis on 01302 538906.