Bishop Monkton

Railway YWT


Site Details

Recorders: Tony Garnett, Bob Upton and Caroline Page

Just west of the village . Dry semi unimproved rather shaded grassland of the old railway bed surrounded by high hedging and clumps of nettles and willowherb and a few maturing trees. The cutting is through the magnesian limestone and the sides are closing with tree growth. It is set amongst intensive arable agriculture including Maize and cereals .

The transect covers the open area north of the Road S1 and then crosses the road and south following the railway bed to S5 and then back again on a similar route to teh starting point S1.

Results : 2021

Transect reports 2020

Results : 2020

There are no big changes just a small increase in 2020 with numbers fairly stable year on year. In this somewaht shaded grassland Ringlet and the Whites are predominant and showed increases. Peacock numbers have considerable variation with a boom in 2019. Large Skipper had a poorer year. Small Tortoiseshell was highlight for 2020 seems to be on a boom after a rise in recent years. The occasional visitor highlights were Wall Brown, Common Blue and Small Copper . Migrant Painted Lady was abscent and red admirals well down.