Roach Hills

including Shuttocks Woods and surroundings

YWT reserve


Recorders: Rachel Inhestor Altitude 90m Length 1918m time : 1hour

Lying at the top of the Magnesian Limestone ridge this transect includes SSSI site Roach Lime Hills and is partly unimproved calcareous grassland but there is encroaching scrub. Transect also cuts through broadleaved woodland and includes a public footpath which passes through farmland crops.


S1 Unimproved calcareous grassland and a little scrub

S2 an Arable Field

S3 edge of an arablel field with a hedgeline

S4 fottpath with calcareous grassland beyond the hedge linings also bordering Woodland

S5Calcareous grassland of teh SSI managed in sections by sheep

S6 Arable

S7 + S8 Wooded area on the edge of housing estate

S9 Scrubby area with patches of calcareous grassland.

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