Pickering Woods

Priavte owned by Duchy of Lancaster

Limited public access

Site Details:

Walkers: Vacant please apply if your interested.

Pickering woods occupies about 700 acres in newtondale and follows the track of the NY Steam railway below Blansby park . It is privately owned by the Duchy of Lancaster and the transect does cover paths which are not public access after S4. This ancient woodland is a delight at most times of the year and holds many woodland species such as Green/Purple/White-letter hairstreak and Silver-washed , Dark green and Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary as well as the Duke of Burgundy making it a very special place.

Sections :

S1 is typical woodland ride with the steep north bank well covered in Primrose and in wet flushes in particular.

In S2 the ride has been considerably widened and the northern banks are grassy with some scrub and is the main site for the Duke of Burgundy but also Gatekeeper is seen along with many other grassland species and Speckled wood.

S3 is similar wide ride and occasioanl Dark-green Fritillary are seen and Green hairstreak.

S4 is more open and Smal Heath are seen.

S5 is two short walks up into the Woodland.

S6 crosses the railway at the crossing and again branches in two short walks up into the woodland but only low counts of Speckled woods and Vanessids

Results : 2017