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Recorder: Olivia Kelly, Ann Davis and Paul Davis Distance : 2682m Walk Time 1hr

Potteric Carr is a remnant of the vast fenland that once stretched all the way across the Humber basin to the coast now refered to as the Humberhead. A mosaic of habitats, from reedbeds to winding woodland trails and networks of ponds. During summer, the meadows are full of butterflies.


S1-S11 are mostly wet woodland dominated by Birch, Alder, Oak and Sallows and counts are low and fairly typical shady grassland.

S5 stood out with the highest counts and the home of Orange tips

S12-S14 around the visitor centre are open and S12 bank is particulalry blessed with wildflowers and sees Common Blue, Comma, Peacock and Orange Tip do appear.

Results 2021

Surveys were not undertaken in 2020 due to lack of resources during the pandemic. In 2021 the route was expanded to cover existing woodland trails but still covering much of the older route represented by S11-14 in the new route which are much more open grasslands

The biggest changes mostly because of teh route change to woodland are large of Speckled Woods, Ringlets and Gatekeeper . Thelater appeared absent previously. It good to see Common Blue numbers up in the older transect and tortoiseshel numbers well up

Transect reports 2020