Calley Heath YWT

Wilberfoss nr. Pocklington

Site Description

Recorders: Jen Stopford Distance: 1200m Walk time approx 1 hour

Cali Heath was granted to the poor during the American gold rush hence its name . The 2 setaside fields were purchased by YWT is 2003 were re-seeded with a species mix to recreate the natural grasslands. Restoration is really working on the site, with one of the seeded grasslands now species rich. Opposite the entrance is a very sandy dry heathland pock marked with ant hills and closely grazed by rabbits.


Brimstone and Comma are seen in S2 and S3 woodland and hedges along with Speckled Woods. S3 is favoured by Gatekeepers Meadow Browns and Ringlets and Marbled White. Small Copper is seen in S3. Dingy Skipper is seen in S1 along with Small Heath.

Results 2021

Numbers are generally up particularly the grassland species with Meadow Brown doing well.

Dingy Skipper and Small Heath were not seen for the last2 years.

Marbled White remains at low but consistant numbers