RHS Harlow Carr


Site Details

Walkers:                                                     Length  2186m                       Walk Time:  60mins               Altitude  150m

RHS Harlow carr has a large variety of habitats and  even teh grassalnds in the prestine ornamental parts of the gardens  are managed now in a way to maximise wildlife and this shows in the data collected.  

As well the obvious attraction  of the nectar rich areas which do attract large numbers of the Vanessids species the  meadow s are good for Gatekeeper and teh skippers.  The Arboreton contains a wide variety of trees interspersed with shady meadow areas and Purple Hairstreak and white letter hairstreak have been seen. 


S1 contains ornamental borders with  a Buddliea collection which attracts large numbers of Vanessids and whites and teh largest numbers of butterflies. 

S2 The Grassy areas have a uncut area in their middle and a good range of herbs with Birds Foot trefoil which attracts Teh brown Argus and Common Blue

S3  as well as ornamental is shady  and  longer grass area attract Ringlets and Meadow browns 

S4  is left uncut as a natural meadow 

S5 enters the woodland and Gatekeeper abound along witH Speckled wood

S6 Open area of teh childrens play area again with some areas of uncut grass is also a favourite with teh Meadow browns and Ringlet and Comma

S7 is the arboretum extention

S8  is a mix of woodland clearings wildflower meadows and mature trees but is a bit dark for butterflies

S9 is a mix of fine cut grass from teh cafe to the top of the  glasshouses at the top past ornamentals with good nectar supplies that attract the vanessids and Whites

S10 follows the  pathways through the herb gardens and then ornamental borders  a favourite of the Small Tortoiseshells

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