Threshfield Long Ashes YWT

Grassington  in the National Park

Northern Brown Argus  Transect

Site Details:    

Recorders:   Terry Whitaker   et all           Distance 1650m           Altitude 235m                   Walk Time:  50mins    

This transect was set up in 2004 as a single species transect to monitor the Northern Brown Argus but was discontinued. The route primarily covered limestone grassland with some patches of scrub; however, there was significant bracken cover in some areas. A management plan that includes a bracken control program has been developed by the YDNPA in conjunction with the landowner and was implemented in 2015, with the transect re-established in order to measure the effectiveness of conservation measures. 


Results: 2023  Insufficient data 


Results: 2021

Counts were quite a bit down compared to 2019 . equally acroos all species . Ringlet numbers have halved and DGF was rather poor where elsewhere it has been doing better.