Volunteering opportunities

Conservation Work Groups 

Get your hands dirty with real conservation work improving habitats and curbing scrub ingress in some of  best sites in Yorkshire. Work groups go out  from  November till  the end of March, usually a Sunday 10am -3pm. All tools are provided and everyone including escorted children are welcome so bring the whole family. We are a friendly bunch and  there is a great exchange of ideas and experiences and new friends are made. There is great satisfaction at the end of day looking back at what everyone has achieved when it seemed impossible when you started!  If we are lucky  at the end of a cold day we get to go for a warming cuppa at a local cafe  or best of all a clear up bonfire with embers used for  jacket potatoes... nothing tastes quite that good after hard graft!  

If you would like to help contact Allan Rodda on allan.rodda@yorkshirebutterflies.org.uk   or webmaster@yorkshirebutterlies.org.uk

Transect walking

We have 65 regularly walked transects in Yorkshire  and many more transects walkers. This is a fascinating role and you learn so much about the wildlife in your local area walking the same route each week. Often transects are shared so everyone gets a chance and holidays and work are covered.  You get the chance to enter all your records into the Butterfly Monitoring scheme portal and take a peak at all the other transects. You can also look at your whole years data year on year and compare. One of the most satifying of roles!  

If you would like to help or just want to know a bit more contact nick Hall on nick.hall@yorkshirebutterflies.org.uk

Recording and conserving butterflies in your own garden

Outreach: Helping with events

 We attend a host of events all over the county and we need helpers to explain what we do. Its great fun and we usually take live insect caught the night before and we  are often in beautiful places inside or out.  If you have apassion for our subject this is a great way of expressing it  to influence others and  to meet a whole variety of interesting people.  

If you like to know more then contact Ann  on ann.davis@yorkshirebutterflies.org.uk

Committee members

Joining the committee allows you to immerse yourself in branch activities in a host of different roles and contribute more fully to policy and decision making. 

We are always keen to meet those with a passion for our subject who have time to commit and skills to get over our message. 

If you would like to know more or apply then please email martin.partridge@yorkshirebutterflies.org.uk

Ticks are always a threat when working outdoors particularly amongst long vegetation and its important  you know how to look after yorself please take a look at our Tick advice  HERE