St Aidens Astley-Outfall

Managed by RSPB 

Site Details

Walkers:                                                              Length : 2457m                      Altitude: 35m           Walk Time 1.5 hours

St Aidan's has been transformed from an old, open cast mine to a reserve that's alive with wildlife. Its relatively small size means you can easily explore a rich variety of habitats including reedbeds, wetlands, meadows and woodland. 


S1  As the most open area has similar numbers to S4  with Gatekeeper numbers highest here There are damper areas that suit Green viened White and Orange tip  and  shade for Ringlets and Comma. Dingy skipper also spotted. 

S2 Regular grassland area 

S3 mostly grassland but more shade from trees shows up as  more Speckled woods  and Comma

S4 Best area for Meadow Browns  and the golden skippers and Common Blue

S5 similar to S4