Hetchell Woods  YWT 

Bardsey ,  


Site Description

Recorders:  Martin   Jones                               Length 2354m             Walk Time Approx:  1 hour       Altitude 79m         Established 2023

This ancient woodland at the edge of the magnesian limestone and below it is soft trickle of the bubbling Bardsey Beck There are a variety of habitats on this undulating reserve, with towering rocky crags, ancient woodland and calcareous grasslands along the top under restoration with a fine variety of species including marbled White and recently Dark-green Fritillary. Just to the south is Pompacalli of Roman origin composed of sandy heathland and occasional Green Hairstreaks are seen.  

There is extensive coppice and repairs after Ash Dieback claimed many casulaities. Wych elm is common along the edges of the site.  A large  meadow has been created on calcareous soil with  hairy violets so there is hope  the  Dark-green Fritillary will stay.   


S1 is a paved track on the southern edge of the reserve and contains a good variety of tree species including good numbers of Wych Elm which are likely used by Comma and White Ltter Hairstreak is seen.

S2 is a small meadow on te northern edge of the woodland

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