Species Champions

The Yorkshire branch of Butterfly Conservation welcomes the contribution of our species writers, many thanks to you all.

We would be grateful to hear from anyone interested in taking on a species?

Species writing involves drawing upon account of how a species has fared during the season (see examples in the Yorkshire Butterflies & Moths report. This is usually done around Christmas and should take no longer than a couple of hours of pulling together data provided by the five vice-county recorders. You need to be confident in using a computer, on the internet and possess a copy of Excel which you know how to use. You do not need to be an expert on the species you adopt or indeed butterflies in general, though you will find that your knowledge should naturally deepen as you learn about your species. This is a good first step on developing or extending an interest in butterfly recording. Anyone who would like to know more, or who would like to volunteer, is encouraged to contact David Smith (davidsmith.butterflies@gmail.com). David Smith

Butterfly Species Co-ordinators

  • Philip Brook : Large Skipper, Meadow Brown

  • Nyree Fearnley : Brimstone, Green Hairstreak

  • Paul Fletcher : Small White

  • Callum Macgregor (Dr): Ringlet

  • Mark Hasson: Large White

  • Dave Hatton : Small Skipper

  • Lizzie Ingram: Comma

  • Steve Mattock : Wall

  • Ron Moat : Large Heath

  • Peter Mayhew (Dr): Common Blue

  • Dave O’Brien: White-letter Purple Hairstreak & Grayling

  • Robert Parks: Duke of Burgundy

  • Martin Partridge(Dr): Brown Argus & Northern Brown Argus

  • Dave Ramsden: Holly Blue

  • Paul & Joyce Simmons: Clouded Yellow, Gatekeeper, Small Heath

  • David R R Smith (Dr): Essex Skipper, Small Copper plus rarities, exotics and any unlisted species

  • Jennifer A Smith (Dr): Marbled White

  • Andrew Suggitt (Dr): Orange-tip, Speckled Wood

  • Emily Summer: Small Tortoiseshell

  • Dave Wainwright (Dr): Pearl-bordered Fritillary

  • Jennifer Watts: Dingy Skipper

  • Jax Westmoreland : Green-veined White, Painted Lady

  • Lee Westmoreland:

  • Terry Whitaker (Dr): Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Dark Green Fritillary

  • David Woodmansey: Peacock

  • Derek Parkinson (Dr): Lepidoptera Parasitoid Recorder