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Recorders: Steve and penny Relf Length 2867m Walk Time 1 hour

Allerthorpe Common lies on river and lake sands, which were deposited during the last glacial period 10,000 years ago. The soils are acidic and support a surprising range of habitats for such a small pocket of lowland heath - wet heath, dry heath, acid grassland, woodland, scrub and open water. Ling heather, tormentil, sheep's fescue and wavy hair-grass grow on the drier areas of the site. Cross-leaved heath and purple moor grass grow in the damper areas. Patches of gorse and areas of mature birch and willow woodland. The Transect route covers a good many of these habitats


Section 1 in the wood is prefered by Brimstone and Speckled wood . Gatekeeper, Large Skippers and Meadow Browns with Peacock prefer prefer S4 +S5 while Ringlets very much favour S6

The section counts are shown opposite

2021 Results (estimates in red) 1st year