Wetlands YWT

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Recorders: Geoff Blakesley , Jennifer Rydzewski Distance : 1524 Walk Time: 1 hour

Recently acquired by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, this area of lakes (former gravel workings) and surrounding reedbeds is a favourite birdwatching site. It also has good grassland areas for butterflies.


S1- S3 contain commoner grassland species

S4 is a favourite with Gatekeeper

S5 damper areas are great for Orange Tip and all the White species

S6 Long grasses are a favourite with the skippers, Gatekeeper and Peacock

Results 2022

Although nearly an average year it is just slightly down with some big winners and loosers! The skippers were big losers as unusually was Brimstone which was a tad up in most places. Apart from large Whites the whites were mostly down with only orange Tip increasing which matches with the county trends. Holly blue was seen in numbers for teh first time and this is in line with othe rplaces where it has reappeared after a absence of a few years. As withe the county all the vannesids were down apart from Comma that more than doubled and was one of teh big winners. Also winners were Speckled Woods and all the Browns.

Transect reports