Fountains Abbey

& Studley Royal NT

Site Details:

Recorders: Chris Wood and team Distance: 1439m Walk Time: 1hr

Grassland, Lake, Parkland, Stream, Woodland habitats are very varied throughout the park.


S1 commencing in teh Se corner of teh Car parks goes south along teh lane and then across the grassalnd slope and meadow browns mostly and Red admiral near the Wooded area. S2 we enter more shady grassalnd alongside woodland and ringlets occur in some number near the river Orange Tip occur. S3 is similar but ion te hsouth side of woodland and Ringlet are coomon in damp grassland.

S4 returns to deep shade pathway S5 skirts teh river bank and an occasonal Orange Tip and a few Ringlets S6 back into woodland is too shady and has nothing. S7 to the west of teh water garden is has some natural grassland on the slopes and is good for Meadow brown and Ringlet in equal number. S8 descends back into teh dark woodland. S9 enters the open Deer Park and Yoelds better numbers of Ringlet and Meadow brown and Small Skippers. S10 road hedgeline mostly Speckled Woods

Results: 2021