Pastures YWT

Rievaulx, Hawnby

Site Details

Recorders :  Rachael Haw, Kate Yates, Peter Christopherson, Gemma Brown     Distance: 1157m   Walk time:  45mins    Altitude 200m.

YWT Ashberry  Pastures transect is set with the tall vegetation to the crystal clear stream fed by calcium rich springs which runs through the reserve. There were many plants typical of limestone marsh and grassland with extensive patches of Marsh Lousewort; Marsh Valerian, Marsh Pennywort and Marsh Bedstraw were also found There abundant  sedges such as Glaucous, Carnation, Hairy and Bottle and at least four species of rush, plus Butterwort along with Bird’s-eye Primroses

Its butterfly importance is because it is a former Duk of Burgundy site


The damp areas of section 1 favours the Orange Tip . The first three sections are mostly grassland  favoured by Large and Small Skippers, Dingy Skipper and the Browns.  As you head upwards  entering more dense woodland in Section 4 and 5  opening in section 6   Section 7  yields larger numbers  particularly woodland species including  a single Silver-washed Fritillary in 2020  and Speckled wood but also Wall has been seen. 


2022   No data , 2019-2021  incomplete 

The species profile on the site have changed dramatically over the last few years but data is a liitle sparce to get a complete picture except to say  the skippers have increased dramtically   in the first 3 sections as have the Browns but to a lesser extent

Transect reports 2020