Online talks

Join one of our fantastic online events from the comfort of your own home! We have engaging and very knowledgeable speakers covering lots of topics, we are sure you will find plenty you want to join. Take a look below at the exciting upcoming online events.  

 Butterfly Identification is our latest video

This presentation is aimed at new  transect walkers as well as a refresher for the more experienced. 

It takes a deep dive into the problem species and techniques you can use to improve your accuracy with lots of handy tips along the way.In particular we take the approach that not every butterfly lands  conveniently so you can get a good look but the principles you can use to make the very best guess of species in flight. 

Lastly we take a close look at the principles of the Pollard Walk  with lots of tips and explanations on how we do it in practice. 

Previous online talks - catch up on the others you've missed!   

Yorkshire Transect walkers Meetup We take a closer look at what could have been so easily a record breaking year.  Join us and the YWT team introducing our new sites and walkers 

14th March 2024

A Review of the 2023 Butterfly season in Yorkshire from our monitored sites. It was so nearly a record year but there were still lots of losers

14th March 2024

Butterfly Identification  training for surveyors

15th April 2024

2022 Butterfly Review

March 21st 2023

Much Ado About Mothing: A year intoxicated by Britain's rare and remarkable moths  with James Lowen!!! 

Jan 15th 2024

 Andrew Fusek Peters talks about the five years he spent travelling round the UK to photograph UK butterfly species, many captured in flight. 

12th Feb 2024

Yorkshire Moths 2023

 Another remarkable year with Charlie Fletcher; county macro and micro moth recorder 

26th February 2024

 Transect walkers meeting including 2022 annual species review and 30 year look back at the long term trends

20th March 2023

Bringing biodiversity to where we live and work with Phil Stirling 

6th March 2023

Farming and Butterflies:

A European perspective

Was 2022 the best Moth year ever? with Charlie Fletcher 

23rd January 2022

Yorkshire Transect Walkers meet-up 2022  with Nick Hall and Catherine Jones.


Swallowtails: Keeping them safe here and abroad with Dr Mark Collins


A Moth Conservation Strategy for Yorkshire? with dave wainwright


Can butterflies find refugia from climate change with Dr Andy Suggitt


The Purple Emperor: An Idiosyncratic species with Dennis Dell


The Conservation Status of the Duke of Burgundy Butterfly