Private Property of Hawnby and Arden Estate 

This  private estate does have a limited public access via footpaths which are  taken by this  route from the car parking area  and then down into Gowerdale skirting the valley as far as Sunny Bank, 

This area has always been a known location for the rare  Duke of Burgundy  but in recent times scrub encrouchment has reduced the amount of available area but this is now being reversed by extensive management by Butterfly Conservation volunteers each winter.


S1+S2 are intensively farmed agricultural field margins and have a good numbers of species like Ringlet, Meadow Brown

S3 is moorland edge and has very good numbers of threatened Small Heath, Small Copper and Green Hairstreaks.

 As we approach the woodland in S4 Duke of Burgundy , Wall, Dark-green Fritillaries, Dingy Skipper   and a array of grassland species  like Smal lHeath  Small Copper and Common Blue which continue in S5. 

Results  2023

More intensive monitoring shows us what a wonderful site this location is.