Sun Lane LNR

Burley in Wharfedale

Bradford Council

Site Details

Recorders: Last recorded in 2015 (Established in 2003 with 13 years of data) Walk time: 40mins 1788m

12 acres in size this is a reclaimed domestic tip which required clearing in 1993 to deal with pollution. It is now owned by Bradford Council and maintained by volunteers. Re sown and restored it has a rich variety of sometimes unusual and imported plants and a wide variety of butterflies and a healthy population of Rabbit keep the grass in check. A pebble-filled gully runs across the reserve, and plants like Red Campion, Purple Loosestrife, pink and white Musk Mallow, Yellow Evening Primrose, Viper’s Bugloss with Rosebay Willow herb along the field edge. Geraniums are common with blue Meadow Crane’s-bill, pink flowers of Herb Robert and Shining Crane’s-bill, a tiny Cut-leaved geranium