Woolley Grange SUD

Wooley , Barnsley

PRIVATE PROPERTY with NO  public access

Site Description

Recorders:   Ricki Bull                                Length 1020m             Walk Time Approx: 35 mins        Altitude 145m         Established 2023

Woolley Colliery closed in 1987 and remnants of its history survive, but is also a site of natural beauty. The colliery’s surrounding landscape has been reclaimed by nature, transforming it into a haven for wildlife. 

Kidney vetch grows in abundance in areas along the southern edge next to the railway line and a large Small Blue colony has established.  Most of this area is to be developed for housing but the owners are keen to ensure its survival by installing butterfly banks.

The area not being developed is the  SUDs or Sustainable Drainage which catchs the runoff of the old colliery and in winter can be very wet and Sallow  and Birch are encroaching. To maintain the Kidney Vetch is being controlled by volunteers with the owner permission.

The species list is imperssive with  Small Blue in the hundreds  but also Small Heath, Marbled White and good number of Common Blue


S1-S3  zig zags along the northern edge next to the fence and  access road. They contains the majority of the Small Blue and the Kidney Vetch  The browns and other species are present  on the grassy bank opposite.

Results 2023: