Burton Riggs



Recorders: Kate Yates                                   Distance: 720m         Walk time:  25 mins   

As an artificial site created by gravel quarrying in the 1970s for the construction of the adjacent A64, it is relatively young in wildlife terms, but already has a rich mix of habitats and species to its name.  Comprising Freshwater edges with bare ground and scrub  and encouraging the willow  for birdlife.


Main  areas are S1+2 and S5  with less in S6  with not much in S3+4 wooded areas. Common Blue mostly seen in S2  extensive open area  but some also  in S5+6 Dingy skipper and Small Heath have been seen in S1+2  along with peacock and Small Tortoiseshell favouring that area . 

Results 2023:  Transect discontinued due to lack of butterflies

No data in 2022   restarted in 2021)  

 Open areas have tended to grow over and  scarcer species have been lost in recent years