Upper Parks Wood  YWT 



Site Description

Recorders:                                     Length 1087m             Walk Time Approx: 35 mins        Altitude 201m         Established 2023

Upper Park Wood overlooks the Holme Valley  gets its name from a small ancient Oak woodland with an understorey of holly .The south facing hillside lies on the lower coal measures, made up of layers of shale and sandstone makes for an acidic soil,   In addition a mosaic of meadows, woodland and moorland encounter a variety of habitats; woodland edge, field and path margins, pond, wet areas, hedges and dry stone walls. Hazel is coppiced to improve the woodland structure, allowing sunlight in through the canopy to the benefit of butterflies and ground flora. 


Only 3 walks completed at  teh end of the season

S2+ S3   grasslands reveal that the threatened species Small Heath is  present

S7 +S8 contain the main grassland area and will likely conytain the largest numbers of butterflies