Fen Bog YWT


Site Description

Recorders: Graham Featherstone Distance: 1352m Walk Time Approx 45mins

Fen Bog is a fen and moorland nature reserve situated between the summits of Tom Cross Rigg and Crag Stone Rigg and the summit of the NYM railway. It takes the form of a long curving piece of land that is bounded at both ends by moorland streams. The 19 hectare site comprises of two main sections; the main valley mire and the higher ground leading down to it from the parking area which is primarily wet heath and moorland and is separately fenced from the rest of the site.


S1 from near the car park and then down to teh entrance style and is quiet good for many grassalnd species. S2 enter heathland and Green hairstreak is found. S3 -S4 along the east rim of the bog is heath and is the best area to see Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary as well as Small Heath abound along with Emperor moth. S5-S6 enter the bog where the Large Heath is found.

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