Butterflies of Yorkshire

This book maps and describes today's butterfly distribution in Yorkshire and compares it to what has happened over the last 200+ years. The contents have been written and prepared by a team of volunteer enthusiasts who have spent ten years putting together the most comprehensive assessment of Yorkshire butterflies ever produced. Published in 2005 By Butterfly Conservation Yorkshire.

Edited by Howard M Frost with artwork by Nick Lawman and maps by Jim Asher, the book summarises data collected by over 1000 recorders between 1995 and 2003 and is the first ever book dedicated solely to Yorkshire's butterflies, their distribution and lifestyle.

It is a report on an eight-year distribution study intended to provide baseline information against which future assessments of the state of our butterflies can be made. The writers have tried to summarise our current knowledge, bringing together a mass of information previously scattered through 200+ years of entomological literature and reports.

The book is attractive and very colourful, packed with unusual photographs and containing specially designed distribution maps which put Yorkshire butterflies into a national and regional context.

The book will be an important reference volume for anyone interested in our butterflies. It has also been designed to be of use to those working in the conservation field and to people involved in writing BAPs and other conservation management plans. Contents are divided into: Background Articles; Current Species; Rare and Extinct Species.

Although not intended as an ID book, a brief ID section will be included for all current species as a guide to the inexperienced.

Reviews - Richard Fox - Butterfly - The Magazine of Butterfly Conservation - issue 90

" The book will serve as a vital source of inspiration and information at a time when many people are battling to save rare butterflies from extinction in the county"

Features include:

62 past and present species covered in depth!

Paintings of all current species. Full-colour species' maps showing 1995/2003 distribution.

All 1995/2003 data turned into flight period diagrams (phenograms).

Photos chosen to show habitats, behaviour, aberrations and varieties.

A historical review for each species covering distribution over 200+ years.

Life cycles and conservation needs examined.

10 background articles including:

200 years of weather with some startling conclusions about how volcanoes contributed to the extinction of Yorkshire butterflies in the 1800s!!!

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or contact email: anngeluk@gmail.com