Green Park 1+2


Thorpe Park, Leeds

Site Details

Recorder Kate Wright + team Distances: 1 = 2864m. 2 = 1257m

This is the first new Public Park to be created in leeds for many years. It adjoins Thorpe Park which is mostly Housing and inductrial and a new natural area to teh north that adjoins the park. The plan is shown below the transect route

This transect is presently across original grazing pasture and will be developed over the next few years.


Green Park 1

Butterfly numbers are highest along the hedgelines as there is less disturbance and longer uncut grass. Sections 4 hedgerow shows as the highest counts particularly the Vanessids . S4, S7 and S8 hedgerows shows Meadow Browns and Large Skipper

Green Park 2

Butterflies are present where there is less shade. S1 in particular has a good number of damp grassland species particularly Orange Tip . As the shade increases in S2 it favours Speckled Wood. The other sections are rather to dark and only breaks in the canopy of S6 sees speckled wood