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Walker : Steve Branch Distance : 947m Altitude 68m Walk time 25 mins

This urban green space lies below Boston Castle and Urban Rotherham and the river Rother. It is bordered to the east and south by Canklow woods which is dominated by Oak and Birch is used by many dog walkers and for exercise, To teh west it is bordered by back gardens,

It is largely unmanaged and the somewhat dry, acidic unimproved grassalnd with a good variety of species


S1 to S3 at the bottom of this shallow bank bordering houses and their gardens and tends to have the highest counts particularly of Gatekeeper, Large Skipper and Ringlets Flowering plants attract the Vanessids, S4 sees more birds foot trefoil and subsequently Common Blue and Small and Easses Skipper. S5 loops into scrubby woodland and Speckled woods appear alongside Ringlet in the shade. S6 and S& skirt the northern perimeter of scrubb and small trees and Meadow browns begin to be seen in more numbers. S8 and S9 follow down teh slope along teh southern boundary and and teh small skippers along with meadow browns and gatekeepr predominate,

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