Townclose Hills YWT 


  Site Details

Walkers :  Rachel Inhestor  Altitude:  70m     Length 1376m  Walk Time 40 mins

   The Site is a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust site based in Kippax. It is a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) and also a SSSI. It comprises of magnesian limestone grassland and coppiced woodland and scrub. There is a quarried area within the woodland. It is surrounded by arable land. The woodland contains wych elm, sycamore, hawthorn, blackthorn, ash, oak, hazel and more. The grassland contains orchids, clustered bell flowers, scabious, hare bells and more. The site is quite steep in places and there is exposed limestone and grassy slopes.Known for  Glow Worm and greater Bellflower.  Billy wood on the eastern slope contains a good number of Wych Elm


Results 2023

Townclose  as a dry limestone cliff had as you might expect a  poor year with overall numbers somewhat down and majority of species loosing out after the extremes of heat and drought last year. The biggest losers were indeed the drought sensitive species Ringlet, Green-veined White and Large Skipper  but also loosing out were Marbled White, Speckled Wood, Brown Argus and Common Blue while on other sites these species increased.  However, overall the site does in other respect follow the county trends with both Red Admiral and Comma booming along with  drought resistant Meadow Brown and Gatekeeper all these species having one of their best years ever.  White numbers were were down.