Frickley Country Park

Owned by the land Trust and managed by Groundworks

Site Details:

Recorders:               Distance : 1568m             Walk time:   1 hour

Frickley Country Park is a former colliery and restored as a green place. It has over 7 miles of footpaths and cycle-ways, This park has a  mix of open meadows, wetlands and woodlands, providing homes for a wide variety of birds, butterflies. A very varied and interesting butterfly site with areas of dry neutral grassalnd devloping supoprting  a colony of Dingy Skiper and  Common Blue is numerous. 

Teh eastern corner is particularly rich and smal;l heath is abundant


From the Car Park S1-S3 follows along a brook with damp Grassland. It is favoured by Ringlet and Orange Tip  and teh long grass gatekeeper and the Whites.

S4-S6 are grassy banks  with low numbers,

S7 and S8 are the banks and exposed coal shale areas of the created  pond  and its fine grasses are favoured  by Small Heath.  

S8   having the largest counts  particularly Common Blue, Gatekeeper and Meadow Brown.  are  

S9 starts the second half of the route.

S10 is very much favoured by Small Skipper.

S11 is very quiet

S12 favoured by   Smal heath, meadow borwn and Small Skipper.

S13 in contrast is favoured by Gatekeepers and smal heath 

S14 and S15 are similar and have teh very largest counts  S14 is favoured Gatekeerp and Small heath  whiel S15  is more favoured by Meadow browns

Results: 2021