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Priory Fields meadows sit on the edge of the City of Hull. The proximity to the city has allowed it to escape conversion to arable. The fields support a range of flowering plants that are rare within the city of Hull and even the wider area of the East Riding of Yorkshire. Primary habitat is wet or Marshy Grasslands surrounded by Mature headgerows. It is maintained by an anuual hay cut. In a good year like 2013 butterflies can abound.


The meadows are at their best in S4 and S5 and a lesser extent S1. S5 is a favourite for Common Blue, Brown Argus, Small Copper, Meadow Browns and Gatekepers. The Marbled White was seen in S4. Large Skipper favours S5

2020 Results

Transect reports 2020

Highlight of the year was sighting of a Marbled White. However numbers of other species were well down this year in particular Common Blue, Brown Argus, Small Copper but particularly Holy Blue. The skippers also suffered and we might guess this all relates to last year heat and this years drought. Ringlet was also down which has been a pattern this year. However the Vannesids were definately up particularly Small Tortoiseshells and the migrant Red Admiral and Large White showed very well.