Staveley East YWT


Site Details

Recorders: Geoff Blakesley and Pam Francis Distance: 3402m Walk Time Approx: 1 hour 30 mins

Two large, flooded former gravel pits (East and West), fringed with rushes, along with several small pools and drainage channels. Some extensive grassland and small areas of woodland. There is also a large variety of wildflowers, especially orchids, including a large colony of Marsh Helleborines.


S1 is a meadow now being planted with trees and although the smallest section has a very good count of grassalnd species.

S2 is favoured by Orange Tip

S3-4 have relatievly low counts

S5 goes through woodland where Comma and brimstone are seen

S6 is favoured by the Vanessids

S7 sees good numbers of grassalnd species and Vanessids and damp areas favour Orange Tip

S8 has high counts particularly Meadow Browns

Results: 2021

Overal counts a little down by about 6% over the mid term.

In terms of species there were a good many loosers, particularly Large Skipper has died out and Small Skipper well down which is similar to elsewhere.

Brimstone is up somewhat while both cabbage whites are down particularly Small White. This is much like other sites.

Green-Viened White and Orange Tip as damp lovers are well up. Small Copper and Common Blue are well down similar to elsewhere.

Amongst the vanessids Smal Tortoiseshell boom while other species had a poor year although bucking the trend Peacock did well.

Speckled wood and Ringlet were down as elsewhee whiel meadow Brown was up.

Transect reports