Noddle End

Part of Gowerdale

Private Property of Hawnby and Arden Estate 

Site Details

Walkers:                                      Length:   1464                                  Altitude :240m             Walk Time : 50 minutes

This  private estate does have a limited public access via footpaths. Noddle End is situated on the steep northeast facing slope of Gowerdale Bank, the lower part of the site lying on acid strata of Oxford Clay and Kellaway’s Rock while Calcareous Grit is exposed towards the top of the slope. The site is of importance for the corresponding range of habitats including woodland, herb-rich grasslands, both calcareous grassland and more acid grassland, and of particular note, a series of species-rich flush communities with associated wet grassland which it supports 

This area has always been a known location for the rare  Duke of Burgundy  but in recent times scrub encrouchment has reduced the amount of available area but this is now being reversed by extensive management by Butterfly Conservation volunteers each winter.


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