Staveley Western YWT


Site Description

Recorders: Angela Ponsford, M Stringer and Jo Polito Distance: 2015m Walk Time Aprrox: 1 hour

Aflooded former gravel pits , fringed with rushes, along with several small pools and drainage channels. Some extensive grassland and small areas of woodland. There is also a large variety of wildflowers, especially orchids, including a large colony of Marsh Helleborines.


A fairly even distribution of common grassland species with some small differences

S5-S7 sees the 'damp' loving Orange Tip, Ringlet, Small and Large White tending to dominate

S7+S8 are favoured by Small Skipper indicating long gresses but the presence of more wooded area greatly favours Red Admiral, Peacock, Comma and Speckled woods

Results 2021