Forest of Flowers,


Private Biodiversity Project

Site Description

Recorders: David and Ann Rhodes, Alwyn Craven + Nick Hall Distance: 3020m. Walk Time 1-1.5hours

Forest of Flowers Huby, York is a priavte nature reserve previously a farm devoted to restoring nature and is the vision of Alwyn Craven. This poorer quality land proved agriculturally unproductive and the big decision was made not to farm. After deep inversion ploughing to a depth of 1 metre to bring the subsoil to the surface this new 74-acre woodland and wildflower meadow was planted in 2015. The project has planted 42,000 trees and shrubs, along with 35 native wildflower species and now has a specialised wetalnd arae (near s3) with 15 ponds. Only the original pasture field (S1) has been retained



Section 1 starts near th house with a mix of garden and then woodland edge of the old pasture field which had the largest counts of Ringlet and Meadow Brown and Small Skipper.

Into s2 and we start to see Common Blue in more numbers due to the quantity of Bird foot trefoil but also Large Skipper enjoys the longer grasses.

S3 is more woodland and hedge with a big peak in Speckled Wood .

S4 along the east side of the hedgeline is the particualr favourite of the Gatekeeper and all the other browns but also Peacocks.

S5 is similar but the Smal Tortoiseshells favourite.

S6 is the favourite of both the cabbage whites.

Wall has been seen in S7


Overall numbers were down somewhat especially the Skippers and the Whites and the Vanessids which is not unlike most transects this year. Mainatining their numbersor improving were Brimstone and orange tips which is in accordance with other transects Most encouraging is teh big increase in common blue which bucks the trends ekleswhere and is very welcome. Gatekeeper also saw a large increase as were ringlets and togther compensated for the losses elewhere.

Transect reports