Brockadale YWT


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Recorders@ Paul + Joyce Simmons, Les Driffield and Walk Time 1 hour

Brockadale is located in the valley of the River Went as it flows through a craggy, steep-sided gorge formed after the last ice-age when glacial melt-water burst through the magnesian limestone ridge. Around 350 species of plants grow on the nature reserve. Early flowers such as cowslip, common dog-violet and spring cinquefoil, well suited to the limestone soil, can be seen in spring. Native plants such as rock-rose follow, as well as orchids, salad burnet, yellow-wort, betony, field scabious and, in August, a profusion of clustered bellflower. Butterflies abound in the meadows, with the spectacular Marbled White and Dark Green Fritillary are unmissable in July. Day-flying moths like Six-spot Burnet and Chimney Sweeper are common, Silver washed fritillary is now a common sight and Both purpe and White-letter Hairstreaks can be seen.