Wednesday 14th April 7.30pm 'The Atlas of Britain & Ireland's Larger Moths'

'The Making of a Classic' - The first hand story with Zoe Randle

Making a book about Britain and Ireland’s larger moths was always going to be a mammoth task. It took a team of 11 scientists almost five years to compile and required the analysis of 25.6 million records of almost 900 species spanning a 275-year-period. The result is a landmark publication – the first ever atlas of all macro-moths in Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Zoe Randle tells the story

Monday 26th April 7.30pm 'Discovering Yorkshire's Butterflies'

So much goes unseen either because we dont know how or where to look or just the wrong time or day! Nick tells his discovery story. From finding eggs, raising caterpillars, discovering my local lanes, woods and meadows. Nick demonstrates some of the resources we now have with maps and guides of the varied landscapes of Yorkshire. Nick guides us with fieldcraft tips to the great enjoyment to be had from discovery.

Monday 24th May 7.30pm "Moors and Valleys - Butterflies of Swaledale"

An evening exploring one of the most delightful areas of Yorkshire where life runs at a different pace and nature steps back in time. From the craggy heights of Whitcliffe above Swaledale to the near wild moorland of the MOD firing ranges; working with the army Catherine Jones has a unique perpective on this landscape.

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Previous Events

Thursday 25th February : Introduction to Yorkshire Branch of Butterfly Conservation

Our first online event was special; held to allow our members to meet those closely involved with helping conserve Yorkshire's species and key people within our branch, including committee members, recorders, and BC regional staff and he ar what they are involved in. BC Yorkshire wants to ensure we are doing the best possible job for our members, as well as our butterflies If you watch our video we do want to know what you think of our efforts so email

23rd February: 'The Dark Skies Festival' in NYMP : 'The Dark side of Street Lighting'

'The Dark side of street lighting' As part of the 'Dark Skies Festival' a webinar presented by our colleague Dr Callum Macgregor and his work on light pollution and its effects on moths at Hull University.

11th February: YNU online meeting : Movement north of Brown Argus

Martin Partridge chair of BC Yorkshire made an enlightening presentation on the 'Movement north of Brown Argus' full of animated maps of range its spread and host plant distribution bringing together the science and biology of this particularly curious species that has 'flipped' host plant to Doves Foot Cransebill to combat decline in its normal host Rockrose. This was followed by a lively question and answer session and an enthralling masterclass on the use of QGIS while answering questions frpm the audience . Recording below click to play:

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You can download a copy of the article HERE or view below

Brown Argus BBC Radio Leeds 17.02.2021.mp3

Hear the radio interview with Martin talking about the movement of Brown Argus on Radio Leeds

Brown Argus and its move North.pdf