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22 November

Paul Holmes has run his moth trap in his garden at Collingham with a black UV lamp during this week.

The five moths caught included his first December Moth, a Winter Moth which is the the first for seven years and the rare immigrant Jasmine Moth or White Pearl ( Palpita vitrealis ) It is also called the Olive Tree Moth. Jasmine or Olive are its foodplant

11th November

Boh Hall was in Skipwith Common and spotted a number of November moths in the wooded areas

10th November

Tim Furness reporting from a sunny and mild Scarborough today had a walk through St Nicholas gardens at lunch, overlooking South Bay. He spotted a Peacock and a lovely male Brimstone enjoying the sun. .. A great sight

28th October

GET THOSE TRAPS OUT! A spell of very mild yet windy weather on the way from Wednesday night, with exceptionally warm conditions on the 1st November [chart for 21:00]. The calmest (yet still breezy) day/night will be on the 30th.

27 October

Ange Garrod sent in her September sightings that included Old Lady and Barred Sallow. The first December Moths are now being seen. Still reports of Small white on the wing!

26th October

An excellant summary of Butterfly and Moth sightings nationwide in September from Will Langdon in Bird guides link

22nd October

Despite the wind, a surprise and welcome Red Admiral yesterday at RSPB Fairburn Ings during a sunny spell, seen within a few yards of the Lin Dike hide by Ian Armitage and Alan Johnston. It looked to be in pristine condition.

21st October

Chas Farley spotted this Humming-bird Hawk-moth in his back garden in Whitby. Certianly the current stream of warm air coming up from the south east is bringing good numbers of migrants including Silver Y's and even Clifden Nonpareil along with Deaths-head Hawk moth here from Allan Rodda earlier this month at Scarborough cliffs... what a find; thats a Chesnut on its back they are HUGE!

2nd October

Quite a number of Small Copper spotted at 3 Hagges Woodmeadow, York by Allan Rodda, Martin Partridge and Nick Hall plus a single Brimstone

1st of October

Jean Mckinnon spotted Hummingbird Hawkmoth feeding on her garden buddleia from 13.00 and 18.30 in Maltby, Rotherham

29th September

Martin Warne was walking Thorne Moors. He was Amazed to observe 11 Small Copper around the site. They seem to be having quite a good third brood.

The last transects were completed today. 3 Hagges Woodmeadow produced Red Admiral, Comma, Brimstone and a number of Small Copper and Speckled Wood.

22nd September

Nick Hall was in Fridaythorpe and walked Holmdale and Horsedale and spotted several Brown Argus, Small Copper, Small tortoiseshells and a Red Admiral.

Ange Garrod sends her sightings for August from Beverley including this Gatekeeper, Holly Blue and Red Admiral

19th September

John Dove in Wakefield found in amongst the bruised and battered Large and Lesser Yellow Underwing's a very nice Blair's Shoulder-knot. He had not seen this moth before.

September 14th

Andrew Bromley reporting from his garden at Ingleton, (LA6 3HJ), one male Brimstone, just flying through, and one Speckled Wood on ivy. The first he has seen of both species, since moving in one year ago.

Nick Hall in Bishop Wood Selby spotted 5 Brimstone on a single ragwort as nectar sources are now quite restricted and the warm weather, he speculates, has brought our 'light sleeping' hibernators back out to feed up during this warm spell. Speckled Woods seem to be having a good third brood and still some fresh Comma's. As Ivy comes into flower it will become more the focus as one of the main autumn nectar sources

September 12th

Ian Gibson spotted this Angle Shades on his geraniums at Huby near Easingwold. He used Google Lens to provide the ID

10th September

Ben Rees managed a last minute trip to Greece and the island of Rhodes which he highly recommends for a visit.

He saw many Swallowtails, of the continental subspecies (Papilio machaon gorganus), including this one which stopped on the wisteria for a photo!

10th September

Chris Corrigan visited Cottingham and brought his moth trap to see what was about.

He found 28 moths of 11 species. Mainly Large and Lesser Yellow Underwing. Others included this Sallow, Common Marbled Carpet, 2 each of Vines Rustic, Square spot Rustic and 3 Setaceous Hebrew Characters.

9th September

Ian Gibson spotted a Sycamore moth caterpillar in his garden in Huby near Easingwold. He identified it as a Sycamore moth caterpillar by using Google Lens.

9th September

Tim Furness spent some time in St Nicholas Gardens just below the Town Hall in Scarborough. He saw dozens of Large and Small Whites, including a potentially doomed mating pair, 20+ Small Tortoiseshell, plus Red Admiral, Peacock and Comma all busily feeding up for winter. A great sight.

6th September

Glyn Morris from Redmires Reservoir reports seeing 9 Small Tortoiseshell , 1 Small Copper , 1 Peacock , 1 Speckled Wood and 1 Small White

2nd September

Paul Holmes at East Keswick put his trap out with a black UV light for a change and caught two new species for his garden.... a Clay Triple-lines and a Epinotia immundana.

1st September

Andrew Parkinson shared some photos from Letchmire Pastures including this Comma and Brown Argus.

Jesika Bone hopes this month starting with good weather will continue! In the garden she reports a Comma, the first for a long time, having not seen many this year, 4 Red Admirals, a Peacock, several Tortoiseshells, a Speckled Wood, Several Whites, a Mint Moth and a Silver Y.

31st August.

Nick Hall on the Bishop Wood transect spotted a very warn male Silver-washed Fritillary making for a very long flight season this year from June 20th first sighting. Also seen were lots of Silver Y on the last remaining knapweed of summer down by the railway line!

Ginni Darbyshire went on a lovely walk from Leathley near Poole in Wharfedale last Monday (24/8) and saw two Walls - one in the churchyard at St.Marys, Stainburn, which has a 'very wild' churchyard. The second Wall was at Lindley Warren, a sunny bracken-clad slope with a real dry-stone wall for basking!

30th August

John Fletcher spotted Wall brown in the walled gardens at Castle Howard.

Ange Garrod sent in her July sightings that included Scalloped Oak , Mother of Pearl a micro Spilonota Ocellana and this gorgeous Humming-bird Hawk moth

Aug 28th

David Wood had these sighting from Sheffield area:

11 August, Treeton Dyke: Common Blue (see below)

14 August, Fulwood, Sheffield: Green-veined White (see below), Peacock, Small White and Small Tortoiseshell all feeding on Buddleia in his garden.

24 August, Redmires conduit (approx. SK262860): numerous Small Tortoiseshell, Gatekeeper, Ringlet, Small Copper and Wall Brown(see below).

Dave Hatton caught his second 'Old Lady' this year, his record is three in a single season

August 25th

Bob Hall on his local walk along Normanton Railway embankment came across these Buff Tip Moth larva.

August 24th

Jesika Bone had her second Painted Lady of the summer visited and spent several hours . The male Brimstone stayed long enough for me to grab a camera and snap off a few shots. Quite a few Tortoiseshells, a Peacock, a Red Admiral and a few whites visited too along with 3 Tortoiseshells

August 22nd

Paul Kipling had a somewhat elderly visitor to his Richmond garden this morning, when a small brown butterfly turned out to be a w-album rather than Small copper or Brown Argus. It is the third one I have seen here this year! There has also been this lovely fresh Vanessa cardui here for the last 3 days despite the weather....

August 19th

Bob Hall was at Allerthorpe common and saw at least 30 Small tortoiseshell along the main ride under the pylons. Plus a Vapourer Moth larva on willow. A few small skippers still around.

Nick Hall on his transect in Bishop Wood , Selby is still seeing Silver-washed Fritillaries in their normal locations near the Log Pile and at Pringles Bridge on Park Nook along with a worn Purple hairstreak. All females including this form valazina but well worn. Most numerous was Speckled wood with most of the nectar now gone Angelica was the main source.

August 18

Jesika Bone had a Holly Blue for a very brief and distant visit.

August 17

Jesika Bone spotted over 20 Tortoiseshells, most in good condition. She wonder if they are those she rescued from the cutter man as caterpillars a few weeks ago. Plus 2 Peacocks, 1 Red Admiral and 2 Mint moths on her marjoram. She met Thomas, age 8, who had recorded 2 Speckled Wood and 1 Holly Blue he saw today between the University and the York golf club

August 16

John Dove had these 3 fabulous micros turned up in the trap 0n 14/08/20, all new to the garden.

The Cherry Bark Tortrix is a gorgeous little moth. The 2 Acrobasis species look so different in the photos, it's hard to imagine they are so closely related.

Peter Swallow finally had a Painted Lady in my Skipsea garden today, photos taken thru' window.

August 15

Jesika Bone in her York Moth trap caught 2 Timothy Tortrix, 1 Rustic, 2 Large yellow Underwings, 1 Dark Arches and a Gold Spot see below.

August 14

Ian Sanderson sent this from Letchmire Pastures. Is this a Brown Argus or a female Common Blue he asks ? Or even a Northern Brown Argus?? (white spots on fore-wings)

We can say the white spot occurs in Brown Argus as well as NBA and can only be differentiated by genetic testing, however an excellent guide is location and the fact that NBA flys as a single generation in the northern dales and has already finished. See below for further guidance as others are writing in with this same question!!

Brown Argus( female) I Sanderson

GUIDE: Brown Argus (Male) and Common Blue (Female)

GUIDE: Both the second broods of Common Blue and Brown Argus are on the wing at present and its easy to confuse Female CB with the Brown Argus. The blue present in a female Common Blue is highly variable, with individuals ranging from almost completely blue through to completely brown. It is this latter colouring that causes the most confusion. Even so, the Brown Argus has no blue scales, but may give off a blue sheen from the wings and the hairs found on the thorax and abdomen. Another diagnostic is that the Brown Argus normally has a prominent dark spot in the centre of the forewings. A long and thin abdomen also indicates that the butterfly is male and can only, therefore, be a Brown Argus.

Jesika Bone at Three Hagges Woodmeadow had a same dilemma. She can't decide whether it's a very dark girl or a blue tinted Brown Argus Can we help?

The blue green tint shows it is very fresh and the abdomen is longer than the wings making it a male so it has to be a Brown Argus as is the second picture Jesika

Richard Trip had a similar real puzzle with these three at RSPB St Aidans ? Can you tell ? The guide below is useful!

GUIDE: Brown Argus male (left) and Common Blue female (right)

Differentiating Brown Argus and Common Blue from their undersides is more problematic, and we need to resort to the pattern of spots. Here we have two distinguishing features. The first is that the Common Blue has a spot on the underside of the forewing that is absent in the Brown Argus. The second is that two of the spots on the leading edge of the hindwing are relatively-close in the Brown Argus, almost forming a "figure of eight", but are more spaced apart in the Common Blue. This diagnostic is particularly useful if the underside of the forewing isn't visible.

August 13

Jesika Bone can't decide whether she is delighted to have had more than 40 butterflies today, with more than 20 Small Tortoiseshells and a Painted Lady making a brief visit or sad that her tiny jungle has many times played host to hundreds of Lepidoptera and no longer does. The new normal leaves much to be mourned. Whites and Peacocks made up the rest of my visitors

11th August

Bob Hall had a lovely walk around Bishop Wood Selby. He saw his first ever Silver Washed Fritillary, about 10 in various places. Some a bit battered now but a few zooming about and in good condition still. At least 20 Brimstone looking lovely plus the gorgeous Broad leaved Helliborines in full flower.

Tim Furness had his first Painted Lady of the summer along with 6 Peacocks, Red Admirals and Large Whites enjoying the Buddleia. There are certainly more migrants arriving!

Nick Barnes was on the path above Clapham (North Yorkshire) 11th and spotted what he took to be a small group of Dark Green Frittilaries by the steam beyond the lake and wood below Ingleborough Cave. Weather very hot and sunny so they were very active!!

David Taylor saw this Fox moth caterpillar on the moors above Lealholm. Also this nice Small copper near Whitby.

10th August

David Wood visited Redmires conduit just west of Sheffield (approx. SK262860)

1 Essex Skipper (see below), several Small Skipper, Large Skipper Meadow Brown, Small Heath and Gatekeeper, 1 Ringlet, 1 Small Copper.

August 9th

Tim Furness had a great day at Cropton Forest Drive just around the corner from Levisham Station and the large Thistle patch. Large White, Small White, GV White, Small Copper, Small Skipper, Ringlet and good numbers of Peacock and Red Admiral. Best of all was the appearance of a Silver Washed Frittilary and even better quickly followed by Valezina on the opposite side of the drive. She kindly posed for photos while I stood in a nettle patch. He only had his phone so quality poor but we share his excitment that this might be our first Yorkshire Valezina. Often females have a patch of blue on their inner hind wings but Valezina it the whole insect including the underside is glazed blue/green. It certainly takes your breath away! I'm sure it will haunt Tim's dreams as much as it does mine! Frohawk was so obsessed with valezina he gave the name to his daughter who died only a few years ago.

Judith Malone spotted a mint moth seen on marjoram in her garden in Todmorden W. Yorks

August 7th

Nick Hall reporting from Bishop Wood, Selby says if you have not managed to see Silver-washed Fritillary yet then this week might be your last chance as numbers are declining but still 12 on the transect today. The spectacular show last week has subsided as the nectar supply has nearly ran out with the Marsh Thistle and Teasel about finished. The SWF have decamped a second time moving back to the north side of the wood and their breeding areas and can be found in all their usual locations mostly now nectaring on Knapweed on the wider rides around the Log pile and down to Pringles bridge. He comments like other species its flight period is extended due to the coooler conditions by at least an extra week. Even so he is surprised they survived the massive thunderstorm last weekend. The Peacocks numbers have also halved as hibernation begins. Purple Hairstreaks are still in good numbers and so are Brimstones and a few Essex skippers.

August 6

Dave Hatton had good night in his moth trap with both good numbers and some interesting species including Antler moth, Green Carpet and Phoenix

August 5

Alison and John South spotted this moth on their afternoon walk at Riccall. Red Underwing.

Jesika Bone is looking forward to the heatwave and more sights like this in her garden this weekend

August 4

Jesika Bone has never actually seen this before, a caterpillar walking out of his skin, turning round and eating the evidence, usually they've just left it behind! What a handsome chap!

August 1

Bob Hall visited Kiplingcotes and saw Essex Skipper and still good numbers Marbled White plus the usuals! He came across these two moths on the bank side. Dusky Sallow flies from late July into September sometimes in daytime, often resting on flowers especially Knapweed! The other is Yellow shell, a beautiful moth often very yellow that flies May to August and larvae feed on Bedstraws.

Penny Smith took this picture in her garden this morning – Large white laying eggs on the Swedes. She will keep a watch out to see what emerges!!

Richard Trip had a fantastic day at Bishop Wood 13 species seen. Peacocks everywhere (on most knapweed), Silver-washed Fritillary, Comma, Large White , Small White, Green-veined White, 1 Red Admiral, some tired looking Ringlets, 1 Small Skipper, 1 Speckled Wood, 1 Purple Hairstreak (pic below), Brimstone and he is 90% sure 1 White-letter Hairstreak. That was at the junction of the main paths where the woodpile is. Top left hand corner of this junction.

Jesika Bone was very early at Three hagges woodmeadow Riccall and saw 15 Peacock, 5 Gatekeeper, 1 Ringlet, very worn, 1 Large & 1 Small White, 1 Common Blue, 2 Small Copper 1 Small Skipper, plus 104 Meadow Brown and 7 Brimstones, 4 boys and 3 girls. Also this Shaded Broad Bar that larvae feed on Clover and vetchs

Chris Cox took a couple of photos from his big butterfly count near his Keyingham home this morning

July 30

Nick Hall in Bishop Wood, Selby recorded 557 butterflies on the 1 hour transect a new record for him! With 400 Peacock. then second most numerous were Silver-washed Fritillary at 22 but starting to look a little frayed and a high majority female the elderly males having seemingly perished in the recent gales. Also seen was a White-letter Hairstreak along the railwayside.

Angela Garrod sends a summary of her sightings in June Including Straw Dot, Swallow tailed, Yellow Shell, Green Silver Lines and Light Emerald

July 29th

Howard and Penny Smith visited Letchmire Pastures in Allerton Bywater and was treated to Large Whites, Green Veined Whites, Peacocks, Gatekeepers, Meadow Brown, Common Blue (Male), Small Copper and these fresh male 2nd generation Brown Argus.

July 27

Mike Smethurst reports despite it being the worst year he has ever had for moth numbers, catching this Chocolate-tip (second generation) in his Rotherham trap this morning - his second ever!

25th July

Dave Hatton at Pudsey reports catching a uncommon Single-dotted Wave last night.

John Dove trapped in his Wakefield garden. He picked out the following to illustrate differences between Rustic and Uncertain and Plain Wave and Riband Wave.

Craig Dodson was at Strensall Common and saw Purple Hairstreak, Large Skipper, Marbled White, Small Heath, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Small Skipper, Peacock, Gatekeeper, Green-veined White, Large White and Fox moth caterpillars

24th July

Nick Hall reporting from Bishop wood says now is probably the best time of the year to visit. The Silver-washed Fritillary are just reaching their peak and still fresh. He was lucky enough to witness their courtship flight; an aerobatic spectacular; the female flies in a straight line while the male loops the loop around her, showering her with confetti of special scent scales. All this while going full speed in a straight line down the railwayside. The Teasel is mass of golden and dark red wings and he counted 150+ Peacock today as well as Purple Hairstreak, Comma, Essex Skipper and Brimstone, it is quite a sight.

Paul Leonard was at Maltby Low/Far Commons with Steve Branch and saw a total of twenty species. These included: Dark Green (17+) & single Silver-washed Fritillaries, single White-letter & Purple Hairstreaks and Marbled White (39). Also of note, Six-belted Clearwing on Far Common. Gatekeeper & Meadow Brown present in their hundreds! Note that the open grasslands on the Far Common were cut on 24th . It is a fabulous YWT site.

23rd July

Jesika Bone's Cinnabar moth caterpillars are trying to pupate but one failed and formed these cocoons instead each about 2 mm long which we believe is the pupal stage braconid wasp parasite Apanteles popularis A bit like 'The Alien' film the wasp lays its eggs inside the living body of the caterpillar and only burst out as pupation approaches. Up to 20 cocoons can form depending how many eggs the wasp laid inside the caterpillar. The cocoons are spun by the emerging fly larvae. This parasite can account for 10-90% of full grown larva and is significant in controlling the population and booms and busts of Cinnabar. More fell victim and only one of her caterpillars successfully pupated.

22nd July

Andrew Parkinson at YWT Letchmire Pastures, Castleford recorded Holly Blue, Purple Hairstreak, Brown Argus along with, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Small Skipper, Small Tortoiseshell, Gatekeeper and Peacock.

Alwyn Craven reports from the amazing 'Forest of Flowers' at Huby, Easingwold having some exciting finds on the Transect Walk - White letter Hairstreak on a patch of Wych Elm and a Marbled White.

Bob Hall's neighbour found these 4 Elephant Hawk Moth Larva in one of his Fuschia Plant pots !! This shows to two colour forms which are not uncommon.

July 21

Martin Roberts with the new Luner Hornet moth lure visited Chris Abott and Nick Hall in Cawood and tried it out on the Ings without any success. Then on a shopping trip to Sainsbury's Monk Cross, York he tried it out near willows close to the rain water reservoirs and success! He did well to get these picture . It is a little larger than a wasp but smaller than a Hornet.

20th July

Jesika Bone visited 3 Hagges Wood Meadow but conditions were not ideal: 1 ringlet - faded, 12 small skipper, 2 small copper, 1 small tortoiseshell, 2 peacock and 48 meadow browns. 2 Dark Green Fritillaries had been reported from the site in recent days but not today.

Jon Hudson and Richard Scruton saw 20+ Marbled White at Wharram Quarry Nature Reserve and 24 Marbled White at Long Dale plus 40 Marbled White and numerous Small Skipper in Thixendale.

Ken Maylor at SD 9072658049 along the river Aire at Newfield Bridge Airton near Gargrave spotted a Large Tortoiseshell . It cannot be ratified as Ken even with dropping his fishing rod getting to his phone was not quite quick enough for a photo. However he was able to describe it in great detail. "The butterfly was bright orange which contrasted with the dark marking on the wings but what stood out was the blue and black borders to the wing edges and it was quite stunning, it appeared quite fresh in appearance about 70mm wingspan similar to that of a Red Admiral".

This report comes after two unpresidentated sightings of Large Tortoiseshell along the Yorkshire coast this spring.The species became extinct in the UK 70 years ago but more sightings have occured this year than in the last 40 mostly along our south and east coast. After the Bath White a few days ago our recorders request you keep a look out for both these species.

The main distinguishing features is firstly its very clearly a tortoiseshell but then size plus it is rather more orange and the dark basal region of the upper hindwings, brown in the Small, is replaced with the orange in the Large see below. It is a wandering species commonly in woodland and associated with Elm its foodplant. It is often seen nectaring with Peacock in forest clearings reappearing in spring to nectar on Sallow.

July 18th

Dave Hatton found this Old Lady in his Pudsey moth trap this morning, he reports that they don’t usually turn up until late July.

July 17th

Nick Hall had a trip to Maltby Common and surrounding woods checking for Purple Emperor but was surprised at the numbers of Silver Washed Fritillary 25+, Dark Green Fritillary 25+, Marbled Whites 50+ White-letter Hairstreaks 3+. What a great site, well done YWT

Bob Hall saw dozens of Small and Large Skippers on the wing at Normanton railway meadows SE388236 Amongst them were Essex Skippers in different areas.

East Keswick Wildlife Trust have started work on a new area of unimproved grassland near Ox Close Wood. Hundreds of butterflies were seen. 12 species included over 100 Small Skippers plus Small Coppers, Commas and Red Admirals and a number of Shaded Broad-bar and a female Drinker seen by Kay Wooward. It sounds like a interesting site to add to their local portfolio!

July 16th

Dave Hatton in Pudsey emptied his moth trap, and checked the surrounding area. Nothing much other than the usual suspects. Satisfied he had recovered all possible moths he then had a big surprise an hour later. Their pet cat (Jessie) kept tapping him very urgently on his leg. He looked down to see she had deposited a live Poplar Hawk moth on his leg. She had obviously found what he had missed, and done virtually no damage to the moth. In fact the female Hawk started depositing ova in the container.

Nick Hall reports from Bishop Wood, Selby that along the railway side is a sight for sore eyes with large numbers of Silver-washed Fritillary, Comma, peacock and a couple of White-letter Hairstreaks nectaring on wild valerian.

13th July

These images were sent to the county recorder as a Marbled White so quite a surprise when it turned out to be Bath White

It was spotted by Sue Rabie from Hedon and photographed by Paul Martin at Paull Holme . It is a first for Yorkshire.

It may in fact be Eastern Bath White, Pontia edusa - from a Dutch lepidopterist on UK Butterflies post: "All the recent observations in N Germany and Netherlands which have been analysed, proved to be Pontia edusa [Eastern Bath White - a cryptic species] and not the French/Spanish Pontia daplidice. Actually P daplidice seems to migrate a lot less than P edusa, from which we now know it regularly shows expansion westward from the main populations in Eastern Europe.

So this might actually be a new species for the UK as well as Yorkshire. However, impossible to know without DNA analysis." WOW!!!!

12th July

Paul Holmes had a walk into Ox Close Wood looking for Essex Skipper amongst the Small Skippers. Failed! The 14 spp of butterflies that I saw included six or seven Purple- and three or four White-letter Hairstreaks, three Silver-washed Fritillaries and a new species for Ox Close... a Dark Green Fritillary. Fritillaries are now going to be complicated knowing that two species could be encountered!

Lee Adcock spotted this Essex Skipper at Brockadale along with : Marbled White, Dark green Fritillary, Comma, Large White, Brimstone, Small tortoiseshell, Small Skipper, Red Admiral, Ringlet and Meadown Brown.

Sue Z had this sighting in Thackley, Bradford a White Letter Hairstreak

David Woodhouse spotted 4/5 silver washed Frits at Bishop Wood, also Peacock, Red Admiral ,Ringlet, Comma, Meadow Brown and Speckled Wood. The Fritillary was the 1st he had seen in Yorkshire !

The Worrilow family made a trip to Askwith in VC64 and saw Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Green Veined Whites, Small Tortoiseshells, Red Admirals, Small Skippers, Common Blue, Silver Y moths, Large Yellow Underwing Moths and a Comma.

John Dove caught in the trap last night a lovely Varied Coronet

Jessica Bone on teh Stray caught this Meadow Brown ( female)

July 11th

Steph Jones was at Beverley Swinemoor Pastures: Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Small Heath, Small White, Red Admiral, Large White, Comma, Small Skipper, Small Tortoiseshell. Also, a Swallowtail moth and a fleeting visit of a Hummingbird Hawkmoth in St Mary's Church grounds.

Jesika Bone was on Walmgate Stray with possibly hundreds of Meadow Brown, more than she has seen there for several years. To add to her absolute joy a Small Copper, 6 Small Skippers, 2 Tortoiseshells, 1 Speckled Wood, 6 assorted Whites. The Season has reached its Zenith

Bob Hall was at Skipwith Common nature reserve SE658373 today,found what he thinks is Orange Footman, Eilema sororcula. We think its more likely the yellow form of Dingy Footman by shape, colour, location and flight period.

Jon Hudson spotted more Marbled White in Holm Dale, near Fridaythorpe.

July 10th

Jessica Bone was at millennium bridge meadow today in search of Brown Argus which she had found for the first time last year. No success but still very early for second brood. Good numbers of Small Skipper, Meadow Brown and Small Whites with a couple of fresh Tortoiseshells.

Jon Hudson and Richard Scruton saw 50 Marbled White at Holm Dale; saw Marbled White, Gatekeeper, Ringlet, Small Skipper, Meadow Brown, Small Tortoiseshell at Frendal Dale.

Ian Hargreaves was surprised to find a Dark Green Fritillary in the middle of Keighley Moor (SD989394); a grouse moor. This is the the first time he has ever seen this species here, or anywhere nearby for that matter, even though this is my regular birding patch that I have watched for several years. This years surprises continue into what is shaping into a bit of Dark Green Fritillary Invasion force to match that of their bigger relatives the Silver Washed a few years back. The growth of violets has been exceptional and we seem to have hit a perfect storm with a warm winter and exceptional spring. WIl the Silver-washed seek world domination in a few week's time?

July 8th

Chris Cox found these two Brown-tail Moths at Spurn.

Jon Hudson saw a Marbled White at High Hunsley

July 7th

Mike Smethurst spotted this Knotgrass larva at Ulley Country Park, Rotherham

Howard and Penny Smith spotted his first Gatekeeper of the year at Fairburn Ings

Martin Warne spotted this quite rare Red-tipped Clearwing on Thorne Moors .

Jesika Bone was at 3 Hagges woodmeadow, nr York, and inbetween showers spotted 2 Peacock, 6 Ringlet, 62 Meadow Brown, 2 Small White, 1 Tortoiseshell, 1 Large Skipperand 6 Small Skipper

July 6th

Susan Bird went to YWT Brockadale this afternoon to look for Marbled Whites and Dark Green Fritillary and found them in reasonable numbers. She also found a Silver-washed Fritillary along the woodland ride at the junction where there are the benches.

Jon Hudson saw 20 Marbled White at Harper Dale.

Mike Fletcher spotted this Dark Green Fritillary on his walk today on Conistone Moor in the Yorkshire Dales

July 2

Bob Hall was at Kiplingcotes Quarry. He saw dozens of Ringlet, Small skipper, Meadow Brown and big numbers of Marbled White and he found this mating pair. The difference between male and female when they are together is quite striking but easily overlooked otherwise.

Bob was unsure about this Skipper opposite but refering to our guide below would indicate the long and slight curved obvious sex brand goes nearly to the abdomen, plus, it is not quite parrallel with the forewing edge; so it's a Small! Essex skipper has just come on the wing in the last couple of days. Other lesser obvious feautures are Essex are more golden in colour, with a wider dark border to the wings and rounder wing tips but it's still very hard !

.He also spotted what we think is Thistle Ermine rather than the slightly smaller Spindle Ermine aggregate species with which it is easily confused. Thistle Ermine being 1.5cm with fewer and larger spots

Jesika Bone found this beautiful Small Blood Vien while gardening rather similar to Maidens Blush.

July 1st

Mike Barnham saw this pale form of Meadow Brown called Meadow Brown ab. cinerea at Allerton Mauleverer A168 road verges, a nice contrast with the Ringlet.

Chris Cox had Buff Tip , Brimstone and Clouded Silver in his new moth trap.

June 30th

Jesika Bone found Scalloped Oak in her conservatory and a Woolly Bear, Ruby Tiger caterpiller when on her evening dog walk.

June 28

Lisa Revill was at Swinton Park Estate in Masham and saw 4 Ringlet butterflies and several Mullein moth caterpillars.

Bob Hall at Skipwith Common Near York found this Peppered Moth Caterpillar on a Silver Birch log. They are well none for there cryptic adaption to their surrounding through photoceptors in their skin. The picture on the right is of larvae who have had their eyes blind-folded in a scientic research project and then placed on different coloured sticks. I think Bob's has made a very passable attempt of being a silver birch log!! Uncanny!

Chris Cox spent 10 minutes this morning watching this Hummingbird Hawk moth feeding on valerian in his Keyingham garden. He just happened to be sat there with his camera when it appeared!

Howard and Penny Smith whilst cutting back a large shrub in his mother’s garden this Swallow tailed moth flew out

Adaptive Crypitic Camoflage of Peppered Moth Larvae: Bob Hall

27th June

Chris Cox has had a busy week with a Humming Bird Hawk Moth in his garden in Keyingham. Then a trip to Yatts Farm Pickering seeing Dark Green Fritillary, Meadow Brown, Marbled White, Small Skipper. Then in his brand new moth trap in the garden he caught Elephant Hawk and Buff Ermine.

David and Melanie Smith of East Keswick Conservation saw Dark Green Fritillary near Woodhall Hotel, Linton, Wetherby very near Oxclose woods but on the north side of the river on a unimproved grassland over Manesian Limestone. A new location for a species which seems to have spread out all over the Magnesian limestone belt and ventured down in the Vale of York with sightings at Three Hagges Woodmeadow, Hazel Wood in Aberford and Town Close Hills at Kippax with more being seen at Ledsham Bank(YWT) and Madbanks(YWT)

Nick Hall was at Town close Hills, Kippax and spotted 4+ Dark Green Fritillary and good numbers of Marbled White. At Ledston Luck he spotted a Small Heath

26th June

Howard and Penny Smith had a great day at Fen Bog on the Moors. Amongst the Small Heath, Large Heath, Small Tortoiseshell, and Common Blue they saw their first ever Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary. In addition we saw this Green Carpet moth.

Nick Hall was at Hazel Wood Aberford and observed 10-15 Dark Green Fritillaries in the recent clear fells

25th June

Andrew Parkinson was at Town Close Hills at Kippax and got his first sighting and photo of Dark Green Fritillary we think a first for this site. He also recorded many Meadow Brown, Common Blue, Ringlet, Brimstone, Narrow Bordered 5 Spot Burnet, a good amount of Marbled White and about a dozen fresh Small Tortoiseshells

Jessica Bone's most advanced Brimstone pupa has hatched in the early hours of Thursday and she missed the chance to photograph but here it is just about to hatch at midnight Wednesday and another picture of its maiden flight the next morning. She also caught Common Emerald in her moth trap.

Dave Hatton in Pudsey trapped a Double Lobed moth see below:

23rd June

Jessica Bone found a Mullein caterpillar happily munching her buddleia and interestingly leave a fine "mesh" behind, seems they don't eat the whole leaf. 2 of her Brimstones pupa will eclose this week. The chrysalis will split along the brown tracks you can see on the head on shot, lift to allow the butterfly's head to emerge. It will take 2 minutes for the insect to crawl out, climb for height and begin to inflate the wings. Will she be there to capture it???

Mike SmethurstI visited Keppels Field, Rotherham this afternoon looking for Yellow-legged Clearwings and managed to attract two to a pheromone lure.

Paul Holmes had his reguler walk around Ox Close wood and found nine butterflies including a couple of White-letter Hairstreaks on Wych Elms

24th June

Dave Hatton in Pudsey cant remember ever having caught a Ruby Ti ger by light before. Previously he had only ever seen larvae in the wild which he then raised to adults.

22nd June

John Dove captured this beautiful Small Ranunculus in the garden in Wakefield last night. This is a week earlier than last year's single on the 28th.

Tim Furness walked through the woods above Scarborough Hospital yesterday. Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown, Small Tortoishell, Red Admiral and a few wind blown Small Heath in the flower meadow next to the GCHQ site all seen along the walk.

21st June

John Dove reported dozens of Meadow Brown at Alverthorpe Meadows, Wakefield this afternoon also Ringlet and Small Tortoiseshell. 2 Large Skippers but no sign of Small Skipper and no Essex Skipper as yet.

Jessica Bone spottted this beautiful Small Tortoiseshell in her York garden visiting her self seeded Verbeba Bonariensis today. One of her garden Brimstone pupa is beginning to show subtle signs of getting ready. She predicts that eclosion will be Tuesday or Wednesday.

Paul Andrews and Carol Silversides walked by the Crimple Beck between Wetherby and Little Ribston. Sightings included; Small Tortoiseshell (40+), Meadow Brown (11), Ringlet (7), Small Skipper (3), Large Skipper (4), Small White, Large White, Red Admiral (3); and Silver-Y (3) and Yellow Shell moths.

20th June

Howard and Penny Smith visited the delightful Ox Close Wood nr Collingham today and saw a Silver-washed Fritillary – a first for them.

19th June

Barry Dalton in Norton, Doncaster caught Small Dusty Wave.

Dave Hatton had only the second Sycamore moth that he has ever seen. Also it’s only the second from my Pudsey garden. I found it resting on the wall near the back

door, within a couple of feet from where I found the first back in 2018!

Les Driffield at Wenthillside found a few of these, Crescent Plume, marasmarcha lunaedactyla. He says its probably under recorded small moth found on restharrow, easily disturbed during the day

June 17th

Julian Pickering reports seeing a fresh Comma form "Hutchinsoni" the pale aberation from just outside RSPB St Aidans

Paul Holmes in Oxclose Wood, East Keswick reports a 'mandarin orange' flew past him which turned out to be a newly emerged, gloriously coloured, male Silver-washed Fritillary- a first sighting!

Howard and Penny Smith spent an enjoyable afternoon at St Aidan’s and amongst the Ringlets, Meadow Brown, Marbled Whites and Large Skippers were a couple of Small Skippershis first for 2020.

June 16

Paul Holmes In his Collingham garden, says last night was a good moth trapping night with 50+ species including a first-for-me Small Elephant Hawkmoth.

Jesika Bone reports catching Elephant Hawk in her Fulford garden trap. side by side the differences are so much more obvious

Penny and Howard Smith have just returned from Ledsham Bank near Kippax where amongst the Meadow Brown, Speckled Wood, Red Admirals, Large Skippers, Small Tortoiseshells we spotted our first for 2020 Ringlet and Marbled White. In addition there was a mass of Chimney Sweepers and a Silver Y

Les Driffield reports from Wenthillside: 6 marbled whites, 3 meadow browns, ringlet, small tortoiseshell, 3 large skippers, cinnabar, yellow shells, brown silverline, and a blood-vein. Also several mullein moth caterpillars

Julian Pickering was at St Aidans and saw Small Skipper, Ringlet and Marbled White joining increased numbers of fresh looking Small Tortoiseshell and Meadow Brown with still good numbers of Large Skipper.

Dave Ramsden ( our VC64 recorder) reports Marbled Whites on the wing today in Aberford and Hetchell Wood Meadow, 2nd earliest date for VC64. He also popped in to Stubbing Moor, but as expected, no sightings of Silver Washed Fritillary just yet.

Chris Cox photographed this moth today, one of a dozen or more, at Southorpe meadows, Hornsea Mere. Chimney Sweeper!

June 14

Julian Hayward was very surprised to spot a Dark Green Fritillary in my garden in North Leeds LS 17 far away from current known colonies... the serach for more is on!

June 11th

Howard Smith sends this Large Skipper seen at Brockadale in recent days. They are at or just passing their peak emergence presently but still no signs of Small Skipper.

Phil Smethurst tried my TIP pheromone in his garden blackcurrant bushes this afternoon (Rotherham) and within two minutes had two males flying round it. Nice to know they are still flourishing

June 10th

Barry Dalton caught this Lesser Swallow Prominent at Norton, Doncaster. It has to be one of the most beautiful of all moths in my opinion.

Nick Hall reports from deepest Bishop Wood, Selby: Lots of Peacock larval webs... its going to be a bumper summer he is sure

Jesika Bone sends these shots of Brimstone final larval concertenered skins discarded at pupation; top and bottom views You can pick out the mothparts and pro legs and rear clasper

June 9th

Ange Garrod in Sheffield sends her May sighting including this, new for her, Grass Rivulet plus a Pale Tussock and Flame Carpet

Robert Hall spotted this Large Skipper and micro Pammene regiana on Normanton Railway embankment SE384233

June 7th

Jane Weller spotted this butterfly in her garden in Woodsetts last week. We think the Dark green Fritillary has come from nearby Anston Stones Wood or Lindrick Common nearby where they can be numerous.

John Dove managed to get the light trap out last night despite inclement weather . Pale Mottled Willow was a first for the garden. He also caught this very nice Spectacle.

6th June

Jesika Bone reports that visiting Brimstones laid about 100 eggs on her tiny Alder Buckthorn but sadly only 6 caterpillars remain and she has brought them inside. The pic is one of 3 5th instar larvae about to pupate. They have already stopped feeding, their legs and bodies are beginning to thicken & shorten. Imaginal discs and enzymes are at work preparing for the next stage. After about 2 weeks she will prepare to watch and film the eclosion - and we hope she succeeds and shares here!!

3rd June

Bob Hall found this Silver-Ground Carpet Moth at the side of Altofts Ings Wakefield SE369247

Martin Warne as part of the massive effort he and many others put in walking the 6 Large Heath Transects on Thorne moors has sent us images showing how variable this species can appear from strongly spotted to almost zero. Yorkshire Large Heath are generally lightly spotted compared to the Manchester Argus. The latest transect results indicate we wil reach the peak in emergence in the next few days. Crowle moor is the easiest to access and the paths are mown see our walks if you wish to see this very rare species.

2nd June

John Dove had a couple of micro-moths new to him in the garden trap this weekend. Small but no less beautiful than their larger relatives.

Joseph Worrillow (aged 11) sent in this really good picture and reports Chimney Sweeper moths are in abundance in Adel woods, North Leeds

1st June

Tim Furness reports Large White, Small White and Orange Tip along the Cinder Track at Cloughton, Scarborough and for the fourth time now in the last 10 days on the Cleveland Way between Crook Ness and Scalby Mills at separate places what I'm guessing are Green Hairstreak but still not had a positive ID

31st May

Paul Simmons having been informed (by Darren Stanyard) that Dark green Fritillaries were flying in their normal meadow in Brockadale, we went to check late this afternoon. We counted 25+.There were also 3 Meadow Browns, as well as 2 Brimstones and a Large White. Paul has been monitoring butterflies in Brockadale since 2007, and this is by far the earliest sighting - the previous earliest was 12th June in 2014. Maybe it not so surprising when we learn that Siver washed Fritillaries are flying in Devon these last couple of days. The White Admiral was seen today in the south along with Black Hairstreak, Marbled White and Ringlet and the Purple Emperor is expected any day now

Jesika Bone reports Small Magpie and Poplar Hawk moths in her York trap last night.

Les Driffield reporting on Wenthillside has seen Small Tortoiseshell, 5 Meadow Brown, Green Veined White, Peacock, Orange Tips, 8 Thistle Ermine, Silver Y , Cinnabars and again lots of Yellow Shells.

30th May

Andy Worrillow saw 4 Six Spot Burnet caterpillars at Eccup reservoir in North Leeds.

Howard & Penny Smith report Pearl Bordered Fritillaries were showing well today at Appleton Common

Nick Hall popped into the North Selby Mine brownfield and spotted 50-100 Common Blue's, very fresh, 50+ Small Heath and about 15 getting tatty Dingy Skippers. Also seen were 3 meadow brown males very fresh and a couple of Burnet companions. Things are very dry but the Birds foot trefoil was looking good. Much of the Bowl is parched.

Les Driffield reporting on Wenthillside has seen his first meadow brown, plus Orange Tips, 2 Small Coppers, lots of yellow shells, cinnabar, marbled orchard tortrix, common carpet and brown silverline.

John Dove was lucky enough to catch both Elephant Hawk-moth and Poplar Hawk-moth in his Wakefield garden last night. Not forgetting a stunning Buff Ermine.

28th May

Bob Hall was surprised to find an Aptomis turbidana in his Normanton garden yesterday. Its quite variable in coloration but he is fairly certain its correct

John Dove spotted his first Chimney Sweeper moth of the year this morning at Alverthorpe Meadows, Wakefield. He is worried for the summer's bone dry and the vegetation looks very sparse compared to last year.

May 26th

Ange Garrod in Sheffield sent these pictures from her April Butterfly recordings.

Jessica Bone in York reports White Ermine and Bee moth in the trap last night

Barry Dalton in Norton, Doncaster caught White Spot Pug ( he thinks) on 20th May and Brimstone last night

25th May

Martin Stoyle had an amazing sighting of the migrant Long tailed Blue at Withernsea. It is turning into an exceptional year after the Large Tortoiseshell was photographed at Flamborough just a few weeks ago! Martin also reports a number of Painted Ladies arriving today. The spanish plume of warm air is set to last the week so watch your everlasting pea plants if you live near the east coast

Sue Evison spotted two Small Blue's today at the known Knaresborough location.

Howard and Penny Smith had a glorious day on Hawnby Hill today with sightings of numerous Wall, Dingy Skippers, Small Heath and Duke of Burgundy.

Andy Worrillow reports six Small Yellow Underwing moths, one Small Heath butterfly and numerous Small Tortoiseshell caterpillars on nettles on Otley Chevin

24th May

Michael Purches was astonished to see what at first thought was a butterfly even though it's the tiniest he had ever seen. Let alone having never seen anything similar in the 50 years he has lived in the same house with garden. He was able to identify it later as Mint Moth.

22nd May

John Dove found the moths must have been queueing up to get in last night! Caught several new to his Wakefield garden including Flame Carpet, Green Pug and Mint Moth Pyrausta aurata (corected). 24 moths of 16 species was a very pleasant surprise

21st May

Phil Lazenby in Wharfedale is sure it has been a very good year for Orange Tips. He snapped this couple doing their bit to ensure next year will be good as well!

Bob Hall found this Cabbage Moth in his Normanton cacti greenhouse ( thanks to Joan Childs for the ID)

20th May

Steph Jones reports from Beverley off Spark Mill Lane: Small White, Orange Tip, Brimstone, Peacock, Small Copper, Brown Argus, Silver Y, and her first Common Blue of the year.

Martin Warne reports seeing the first Large Heath which he comments is an amazing 2 days earlier still than than the previous earliest record in 2017.

Peter Gibson was on the North York Moors. Duke of Burgundy and Pearl Bordered Fritilaries in good numbers on their respective well known sites, also Dingy Skipper, Small Heath a few Green Hairstreak and a single Common Blue. At Ellerburn Bank in the late afternoon lots more Dingy Skipper and Small Heath and on the forestry commission track to the site and a Small Pearl Bordered Fritilary (first sighting).

17 May

Barry Dalton in Norton, Doncaster has caught White Ermine and what he thinks is White Spot Pug (he is happy to be corrected on pug id)

Andy Worrillow reports from Adel Moor in Leeds (SE286397) 4 Common Heath moths, 3 male and this beautiful female. Also another Brown Silver-line moth.

John Dove captured some lovely moths in his Wakefield garden moth trap, including a beautiful Foxglove Pug, a Scalloped Hazel f.nigra and a nice Grey/Dark Dagger.

15th May

Sue Beard spotted and Pauline Popely confirmed Chimney Sweeper, at Sandhill Lock, Pocklington Canal, Bielby SE788457 VC61

14t h May

Paul Kipling has broken out of lockdown and been able to visit his local Green Hairstreak site. Judging by their condition, these had been out for some time...

Wall butterfly also on the wing near Richmond

11th May

Mike Smethurst captured Maiden's Blush in his Rotherham trap this morning . Beautiful pink cheeks!

9th May

Steph Jones spotted around Beverley Long Lane/Beverley Parks area Orange Tip, Small White, Speckled Wood, Holly Blue, Small Tortoiseshell on the wing plus an Angle Shades resting on her window box until she disturbed it watering.

Andrew Rhodes at Coniston Cold saw his first Painted Lady of the year- an extremely worn individual. Also Brimstone, Speckled Wood, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, GV White, Large White, Small White and lots of Orange-tips. A Mother Shipton moth was sighted which is new for him on this site.

Andrew Worrillow found this Brown Silver-line moth in Adel Woods at SE282401 not uncommon and usually near its foodplant Bracken

8th May

Barry Dalton spotted a Golden Pug in the Garden at Norton, Doncater

7th May 2020

Mike Smethurst was at Forgemaster's Tip where he recorded Dingy Skipper and Brown Argus (first sighting)

Bob Hall walked by Normanton Canal where he recorded Small Heath (first sighting). Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Orange-tip, Brimstone and Speckled Wood on the wing.

Peter Hughes reports his and our first Wall sighting of the year (first sighting), at Gill Beck, Baildon, today. Peter says that Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Speckled Wood, Brimstone, Small White, Orange-tip, Green-veined White and Green Hairstreak have all also been seen on short walks around Baildon in the past couple of days.

6th May 2020

Jesika Bone says that Brimstone butterflies are continuing to lay eggs on her Alder Buckthorn in her York garden and that Orange-tip (male and female) and Red Admiral have also visited. Jesika recorded Speckled Wood on the wing on the Stray.

Roy Dresser reports Green Hairstreak on the wing in his Rawcliffe Garden, the first one he has seen in that location.

4th May 2020

David Baker in Tadcaster has captured Streamer and Knot Grass new for year.

Jane and Colin Sharman spotted a Mother Shipton on Lady's Smock on the bridlepath at the back of Huxterwell Potteric Carr.

3rd May 2020

Sue Beard reports seeing Dingy Skipper between Londesbrough and Nunburnholme very near Cleaving Combe SSSI

Grid Ref: SE863465 in VC61

2nd May 2020

Andrew Worrillow reports Green Hairstreak and Common Heath on the wing at Adel Woods, Leeds.

29th April 2020

Tim Furness reports Speckled Wood, Holly Blue, Small White, Green-veined White and Orange-tip on the wing along the cinder track in Scarborough.

Barry Dalton reports Cinnabar on the wing in his garden north of Doncaster on the 27th.

27th April 2020

Paul Holmes in Collingham has captured Knot Grass and reports that there were eight male and two female Brimstones on the wing in Ox Close Wood. The females were noted to be ovipositing.

Lee and Jax Westmoreland in Scarborough captured Muslin, Red Chestnut and Waved Umber new for year.

Jesika Bone repots that several Brimstone females have visited and laid eggs on a single Alder Buckthorn plant in her York garden

26th April 2020

Bob Hall reports Orange-tip, Green-veined White, Large White, Small White, Red Admiral, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell and Adela reaumurella on the wing alongside the Altofts Canal.

Andrew Worrillow reports Green Hairstreak on the wing in Adel Woods in Alwoodley. see below

25th April 2020

Mike Smethurst captured Lunar Marbled Brown in his Rotherham moth trap.

Steph Jones reports Orange-Tip (in good numbers), Brimstone, Small White, Green-veined White, and Small Tortoiseshell on the wing on Beverley Swine Moor Pastures on the 24th.

Melanie Smith reports a Red Admiral (first sighting) on the wing in Frank Shire's Meadow, East Keswick.

Andrew Worrillow reports Orange tip, Green-veined white, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Small Copper, Large White, Brimstone and Adela reaumurella on the wing at Eccup Reservoir, Leeds.

24th April 2020

Jesika Bone reports Holly Blue, Orange-tip, Brimstone, Small White, Peacock and Speckled Wood on the Stray in York.

Melanie Smith reports Small Copper (first sighting) on the wing in East Keswick yesterday.

23rd April 2020

Mike Rushton reports Dingy Skipper on the wing at Edlington Pit Wood in Doncaster (first sighting).

Jesika Bone recorded a female Brimstone laying eggs in her York garden. Jesika counted 42 eggs in all laid in a period of 30 minutes on an Alder Buckthorn. Below there are a series of photographs recorded during the event.

21st April 2020

Jesika Bone reports Orange-tip male and female, Small, Green-veined and Large White, Speckled Wood, Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock on the wing on the Stray in York.

19th April 2020

Jesika Bone reports Orange-tip, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Green-veined White and Small White on The Stray in York.

Lee and Jax Westmoreland report Orange-tip, Large, Small and Green-veined White, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock and Holly Blue on the wing in their Scarborough garden. Moth trapping has been uninspiring to date with the last catch consisting of ten Hebrew Characters and a fly

17th April 2020

Jesika Bone reports Small White and Orange-tip on the wing in her York garden. On the Stray she recorded Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Wood and Green-veined White.

Andrew Rhodes reports Large, Small and Green-veined White along with Orange-tip, Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell and a single Comma on the wing in Coniston Cold.

Charlotte Fox reports Orange-tip on the wing on the Stray in Harrogate on the 15th and a White-shouldered House-moth in her Harrogate garden.

15th April 2020

Jesika Bone reports Orange-tip on the wing on Walmgate Stray yesterday.

14th April 2020

Paul Holmes reports Large White on the wing in Collingham (first sighting).

13th April 2020

Peter Hughes reports Green-veined White on the wing in Baildon, Spring Wood on the 12th (first sighting) also present were Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Small White, Orange-tip and Brimstone.

12th April 2020

Mike Smethurst has captured Brindled Beauty in his Rotherham moth trap.

Paul Holmes captured Herald and White-marked (his second only in in 10 years) and recorded Holly Blue on the wing in his Collingham garden.

Jesika Bone recorded Orange-tip, Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell on the wing on Fenby Field. jesika recorded six Bee Moths in her garden on the 11th.

11th April 2020

Geoff Denton recorded this Holly Blue in his Byram garden today.

Charlotte Fox reports three Small Tortoiseshell on the wing in Valley Gardens, Harrogate.

Peter Hughes reports Green Hairstreak (first sighting) on the wing on Baildon Moor. Also present were Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell.

Dave Hatton captured Emmelina monodactyla, Common Quaker and Small Quaker in his Farsley trap. Dave says he has only seen five species this year in total and only a single Pecock on the wing

10th April 2020

Jesika Bone has discovered a collection of Bee Moths in an airbrick in her York Home. Jesika reports Speckled Wood on the wing at York University and Small Tortoiseshell, Small White and Peacock on the wing on the stray.

Paul Holmes reports Holly Blue on the wing in Collingham.

9th April 2020

Les Driffield reports Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Wood, Comma, Orange-tip, Small White and Brimstone on Wenthillside. In his East Hardwick garden he reports Brimstone, orange-tip, Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell on the wing.

Jade recorded a Small Tortoiseshell on the wing in West Yorkshire.

7th April 2020

Jesika Bone had a short walk on Fenby Field where her sightings included Small Tortoiseshell, Small White and Silver Y. In her York garden she noted a male Peacock approaching a female. After five minutes of circling and hitting the female with his antennae the pair flew off. jesika says that while she has previously observed Small Tortoiseshell drumming in this way, this is the first time that she has observed that behaviour in Peacocks and wonders whether it is common in all butterfly species but not necessarily recorded.

James Dickinson reports an Orange-tip on the wing in his North Leeds garden.

6th April 2020

Paul Holmes captured this Twin-spotted Quaker in his Collingham moth trap, his first in the area for six years.

Jesika Bone walked around Fenby Field where her sightings included Peacock, Comma and a pair of Small Tortoiseshell. Jesika was also surprised to see four Bee Moths in her kitchen.

5th April 2020

Paul and Joyce Simmons spotted five species on their daily walk including Brimstone, Comma, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell and this small Orange-tip.

Lee and Jax Westmoreland in Scarborough captured Early Thorn.

Jesika Bone found an Elephant Hawk-moth pupa in her York garden.

4th April 2020

John Dove has captured Small Quaker and Early Grey in his Wakefield garden moth trap.

1st April 2020

Ange Garrod in Sheffield reports Small Tortoiseshell on the wing and has captured Satelite, Oak Beauty, Early Grey, Diurnea fagella, Grey Shoulder-knot, Double-striped Pug and Brindled Pug in her garden moth trap.

Leslie Everingham in Hull spotted a Humming-bird Hawk-moth on the wing.

27th March 2020

Jesika Bone spotted a Peacock on Fenby Field, a Small Tortoiseshell on her street and in her garden Peacock and a Small Tortoiseshell on the stray.

26th March 2020

Rolf Farrell reports a good day in West Yorkshire. An exercise related tour around Calverley generated a total of 21 or so butterflies (most in the Churchyard and in a meadow just outside the village). 15 Peacock, three Small Tortoiseshell, two Comma and one Small White. One each of the hibernators almost constantly active around his front garden.

Chris Cox reports Comma, Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell in his Keyingham garden.

Paul Holmes captured Early Thorn and Small Quaker new for year in Collingham overnight.

Trevor Walton reports Holly Blue (first sighting) on the wing in his Copmanthorpe garden today.

25th March 2020

Paul and Joyce Simmons report Orange-tip (first sighting), Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Brimstone and Comma on the wing in Little Smeaton.

Steph Jones reports Brimstone, Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell in good numbers on the wing on Beverley Westwood.

Philip Brook reports Small Tortoiseshell, Brimstone, peacock and Small White on the wing in Kippax.

Paul Holmes took his daily exercise around Ox Close Wood were he observed Comma, Brimstone, Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell.

Jesika Bone observed Peacock and Brimstone in flight in her York garden and found an Angle Shades pupa on the street - the smallest she's ever seen.

David Smith has observed Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock in his Cottingham garden.

24th March 2020

Philip Brook reports Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Small White (first sighting) and Speckled Wood (first sighting) on the wing in his Kippax garden.

Tim Furness reports Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock on the wing in the the Town Hall Gardens in Scarborough.

Jesika Bone reports Small White (first sighting) , Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock on the wing in York.

Andy Malley reports Brimstone and Small White (first sighting) on the wing in Flamborough

23rd March 2020

Paul Holmes spotted Bee Moth indoors and captured an Early Grey in his Collingham moth trap. Paul walked around Ox Close Wood this afternoon where he tells us that Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell and Brimstone have been reported on the wing.

Jesika Bone also recorded a Bee Moth in her York home and tells us that a larva she collected has pupated and eclosed into an Angle Shades. Jesika says that there were two Small Tortoiseshell on Fenby Field and a Peacock was observed in her garden.

20th March 2020

Lee and Jax Westmoreland in Scarborough have captured their first Pine Beauty of the season.

19th March 2020

Alan Miller spotted this Small Tortoiseshell on the wing in Romanby today.

Jesika Bone walked along Fenby Field in York yesterday where her sightings included fourt Small Tortoiseshell one of which appears to have an anomaly and Jesika wonders whether anyone has seen this before or knows how it happened

18th March 2020

Jesika Bone walked along Fenby Field in York yesterday where her sightings included three Comma, two Peacock, two Brimstone and eight Small Tortoiseshell along with a larva which she thinks is Angle Shades.

17th March 2020

Bob Hall reports Brimstone on the wing in Normanton and says that there were at least six present none of which settled.

Jesika Bone reports a Peacock on the wing in her York garden and she also spotted a Bee Moth in her kitchen.

16th March 2020

Jesika Bone has been monitoring the progress of a Large White pupa that she rescued last year and has sent us these fabulous pictures detailing its eclosure.

Lee and Jax Westmoreland report Brimstone and Small Tortoiseshell on the wing in Scarborough.

15th March 2020

Lee and Jax Westmoreland in Scarborough have captured Twin-spotted Quaker, Common Quaker, Hebrew Character, Early Grey, Clouded Drab and a Diurnea fagella was attracted to their lighted kitchen window.

13th March 2020

Pete Freeman reports a Small Tortoiseshell on the wing in Bawtry today.

10th March 2020

Chris Cox reports a Brimstone on the wing on Hatfield Moors (first sighting).

Bob Hall reports a Hummingbird Hawk-moth nectaring on Mahonia in his Normanton garden.

6th March 2020

Jax Westmoreland reports a Small Tortoiseshell on the wing in Scarborough.

5th March 2020

Les Driffield reports a Red Admiral on the wing on Wenthillside on the 4th March.

Paul and Joyce Simmons report a Red Admiral and a Small Tortoiseshell in Kirk Smeaton today.

4th February 2020

Rod and Anne German report a Comma on the wing in Rothwell (first sighting).

25th January 2020

Les Driffield reports a Peacock on the wing in East Hardwick on the 23rd January and a Light Brown Apple Moth at the Brackenhill allotments in Ackworth on the 24th.

Damian Money reports a Small Tortoiseshell on the wing in Markse on the the 22nd January (first sighting)

18th January 2020

Allan Rodda reports a Peacock on the wing on Fordon Chalk Bank

16th January 2020

Ian Atkinson reports a Peacock on the wing in Scarborough on the 1st January (first sighting)

Jennie White reports a Peacock on the wing in Wensleydale on the 1st January (first sighting)

5th January 2020

Steve Mattock tells us that Sue Mattock spotted a Small Tortoiseshell at the gym in York today.

3rd January 2020

Lee and Jax Westmoreland in Scarborough have captured their first moth of the year - a Chestnut.